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15 definitions by Abi

The tastiest thing in the world!
Hey do you want some chocolate?
by abi March 20, 2005
Now the word mosher seem to have become a person who isnt a chav, as all little shit head chavs like to call everyone who isnt a chav a fucking mosher.
A real mosher is someone who goes down into the mosh pits at gigs ect. as this is were the word orinates from. Moshers dont have to wear a certain type of clothes and dont have to listen to a certain type of music. But they are usally into rock/metal and have ultertive life styles clothes and ways of thinking.
Chav1 "Ah look at that group of fucking moshers"
Chav2 "moshers!"
moshers "chavs"
by abi March 12, 2005
Rulers of the planet Pluto.
I have an imaginary pet iguana called Frank.
by Abi November 28, 2004
townies also hate grebs, grungers, and basicaly any one who is not a townie.
townies do not understand much even though they think they do.
they also try to act hard infront of friends, especialy ones of the opposite sex (boys try to impress girls and vise verse).
male townie "ye im so ard nd tha', no one is eva gunna botha me"
female townie automaticaly respects them as they are quite gulible
by abi January 26, 2005
Sweaty is a term used by 'townies' in a fatal attempt to insalt those of a allternative nature. They see some one walking down the street minding their own buisness wearing baggy jeans and a huddy and all of a sudden they smell and don't wash (even though they showerd before leaving the house!) Sorry guy's but I seriously think that you need to think of a new insalt.
Townie: Ewww Dirrty sweaty bastard!
by Abi November 19, 2004
Pertaining to something that is of banana origin. Frequently used in conversations between myself and Tracy.
This banana hot chocolate is rather "bananary".
by Abi December 17, 2004
another word for 'cool' or 'awesome'
gretchen:oh you luv him, n he totally complemented you, that is so fetch.
regina:gretchen stop tryin 2 make fetch happen, its not gonna happen!
by abi February 26, 2005