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See Rule or Royalty

Ruler and/or King. In modern terms, pretty much meaning the leader.
'Yo. He's the Raj on this block.'
by ZeroFuser January 02, 2005
A friend who will always be there for you regardless of the situation you're in. A truly good man at heart with an amazing personality. A unique person who may take a lifetime to find, but once found will last you a lifetime.
Pooja: Oh my God, I just met this guy and he's soooooo nice. Definitely the Raj of my life <3
by Rajiusa April 11, 2011
Raj - A scottish term for someone going crazy with rage.
When he realised he had lost his wallet, he went pure raj.
by jumpinjackflash897 February 10, 2010
Confident, smart, and "The Man". Raj is a very modest individual.
Raj is superior to everyone.
by Onlysomedays September 11, 2011
Someone who thinks they're better than everyone else. May call others names, but is actually psychologically projecting themselves.
Person 1: omg that person is such a peasant
Person 2: oh god, ur turning into a raj
by Don't be a dick June 06, 2013
Someone who is crazy, or just generally out there.
Friend: Did You See Katie The Other Night?

Friend 2: Yeah! She Was Being A Total Raj!
by TAWSE! December 06, 2009
RAJ is a new language for people who smoke green, raj is the first word i made to start the language and it also means

"roll a jay?" there are also other words which i will put up later.
by the way i was really high when i made this so if the words don't work then don't cry to me
wanna raj man?
by Endevour May 15, 2011
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