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I Don't Get It - see also ris
<sign with Morrisons with 'RIS' darkened>

Person: ris? idgi!?
by ubersheep August 11, 2007
264 73
stands for - i don't get it.
{someone tells a joke}

person1: laughs
person2: idgi!
by sweetcheeksx April 09, 2009
109 23
We all see things constantly in our daily world that just DOES NOT make any sense at all. That's a situation when you think "I Don't Get It" and say that's an IDGI (pronounced IGGY)
That is the most rediculous looking haircut on the guy... it makes him look like a chick... that's a real IDGI.
by 1Party1 June 29, 2009
19 61
I Don't Get It.
Hacker: 1 h4xx0or3d j00|2 9ib50/\/ n00b!
You: idgi...
by linz July 15, 2004
836 1870