I don't get it. Just type RIS whenever you don't get something, and no-one else will get it too.
RIS? I don't get it.
by Paster of Muppets September 12, 2006
Received in swap (makeupalley acronym)
RIS. This hair product sucks, so I'm passing it on as a swap item.
by aychbee0529 February 23, 2010
nickname for a person named Iris or a person with SWAG
bob: hi iris
steve: hi 'ris
iris: hi bob and steve
SWAGie person: hi steve
by PIGGYWISDOM September 14, 2013
serious, true,not joking, not being sarcasic, truth
your mom:go clean up your room
You:are you ris?
your mom:huh?
you: haha
by Cbtlk March 11, 2008
a weed-smoking shhf head.
you're like a ris.
by Anonymous August 27, 2003

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