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I Don't Get It - see also ris
<sign with Morrisons with 'RIS' darkened>

Person: ris? idgi!?
by ubersheep August 11, 2007
The unknown phenomenon which causes a computer user to become seething with rage when a torrent is stuck at 99.9% downloaded and cannot download any further.

user (forum post): SEED!! For the love of God SEED!!! This is rediculous, I pay for my dialup connection and I'm sueing and how can anyone justify doing this and it's not fair and you're ruining teh interweb!!!111
user2 (forum post): Looks like a nasty case of Torrent Rage - just relax, download something else dood.
by ubersheep October 07, 2007
The unofficial plural to bonus, bonii (said, bone-eye) can only be said when multiple bonus-type things have happened.
Chick: Free malteasers!
Dude: Ah! Bonus!
Chick: Free lemonade!
Dude: Yes! Bonii!
by ubersheep May 09, 2006
A mix between transient and complacent - to be self-satisfied and slightly arrogant, but in a thoughtful way.
Dude: I'm feeling really happy with everything, I kicked this guy's ass, I burned this building down, and I had a really great time doing it, but I can't help wondering why people have a problem with me.
Dudette: You seem very transplacent today.
Dude: Yea, I guess I am.

Another dude: Yea, feeling fine, feeling perhaps a tad transplacent.
by ubersheep September 24, 2006
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