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v: to give someone the cold shoulder; ignore or act distantly toward someone
Hi, it's me. This is the fourth message I've left you in the past 20 minutes. Why do you have to ice me like this? Please call me back.
by slim415 August 17, 2009
A common super power among many video game characters, comic book characters, and movie characters.
Bob has the power of ice.
by u_no_who_right March 11, 2010
Water that is frozen solid by cold. Slang, is diamonds. But why in the world do we need 2 words for diamonds, The english language is hard enough already. ICE is water that is frozen solid by cold.
Would you please put a few cubes of ice in my cup?
by StupidPeopleHater December 09, 2007
Expensive jewelry, typically laced with diamonds and over $60. Standardly seen among scene kids and gangsters, more or less.
ximadinorawrrrx: yo girl, das some srs ice!

xoxcoretodaMAXX: thx gurl, got it from kiki kannibal!

ximadinorawrrrx: soo scenee.
by dead route March 27, 2009
cool. either being alright or being cool status wise.
Fred: "How are you Barney?"
Barney: "I'm ice. How about you Fred?"
by Cappital Ode October 19, 2008
Shorthand for 'In-Car Entertainment'.

Example - Car stereo, sound system, DVD Player, built in console, any form of entertainment that can be installed into a car.
Check out the ICE in my car! It's totally sick!
by Allan Scott October 08, 2007
1. diamonds, jewels

2. cocaine

3. methamphetamine

4. to kill someone
Forget the ice, it's not important. We can do without jewlery for now.
by Light Joker February 27, 2007