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the acting of getting a blowjob while their is ice in the person mouth
last night i got an excellant ice job from laura last night
by taliantim56 April 25, 2010
Getting a blowjob when the girl has ice in her mouth. Feels like a swirling torrent of wonder. Give it a try.
Lauren gave me a sick icejob with ice from a mcdonald's cup last night. It was the ballz
by swiftfox12345 January 21, 2011
When a man recieves a blowjob in cold weather. While the female's mouth is full there is a pleasurable warm sensation, when she bobs up the wet cock is cold due to the weather. You gotta try it!
the last icejob I got was during the big snow storm.
by CriminalPornstar March 20, 2007
when a girl puts ice cubes in her mouth then blows someone
Jake knew Nikki was a freak, but when she gave him an ice job, he knew he was in love
by JizzyJake38 December 06, 2010
(1.) n. the process of frosting cookies
(2.) n. the process of acting like a frigid bitch toward someone that you don't like
(1.) Jam Master K tried really hard to make Christmas cookies to get into the holiday spirit but her piss-poor ice job ruined everything.

(2.) Mr. Metzinger really pissed me off after he took that piece of paper we were writing our rap down on, so I totally gave him an ice job for the rest of the class period.
by xDrew_B November 17, 2009
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