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the acting of getting a blowjob while their is ice in the person mouth
last night i got an excellant ice job from laura last night
by taliantim56 April 25, 2010
18 7
Getting a blowjob when the girl has ice in her mouth. Feels like a swirling torrent of wonder. Give it a try.
Lauren gave me a sick icejob with ice from a mcdonald's cup last night. It was the ballz
by swiftfox12345 January 21, 2011
10 3
When a man recieves a blowjob in cold weather. While the female's mouth is full there is a pleasurable warm sensation, when she bobs up the wet cock is cold due to the weather. You gotta try it!
the last icejob I got was during the big snow storm.
by CriminalPornstar March 20, 2007
11 4
when a girl puts ice cubes in her mouth then blows someone
Jake knew Nikki was a freak, but when she gave him an ice job, he knew he was in love
by JizzyJake38 December 06, 2010
3 7
(1.) n. the process of frosting cookies
(2.) n. the process of acting like a frigid bitch toward someone that you don't like
(1.) Jam Master K tried really hard to make Christmas cookies to get into the holiday spirit but her piss-poor ice job ruined everything.

(2.) Mr. Metzinger really pissed me off after he took that piece of paper we were writing our rap down on, so I totally gave him an ice job for the rest of the class period.
by xDrew_B November 17, 2009
6 11