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the act of painting a girls vaginal walls white with your jizz
Steph said she wanted me to go deep so i gave her a Sistine Chapel just like Michaelangelo
by JizzyJake38 December 01, 2010
when someone rips out a girls tampon with his teeth and then eats her out
Kotch got so drunk and horny that he couldn't control himself from Elizabeth knowing it was her time of the month, so he took her in the bathroom and started Uncorking the Red Wine.
by JizzyJake38 December 05, 2010
having your girl make you a sandwich, then eat the sandwich while she blows you
John was hungry and horny, so he satisfied both when he pulled the Bro Move with Brianna.
by JizzyJake38 December 05, 2010
when someone covers a girls tits completely in jizz
Blaikley had a decent rack, so when he was about to finish, Patrick Piccassoed her.
by JizzyJake38 December 08, 2010
when a girl has a huge ass and you fuck between her cheeks
Tyra had such a fat ass, that Isaac just had to giver her a cheek job.
by JizzyJake38 December 06, 2010
when someone shoots their load and hits the dangly thing in the back of a girl's throat
Sarah was blowing Jake but little did she know what she was in for, he grabbed her by the back of the hair and gave her a Jizzy Jake, stimulating her gag reflex.
by JizzyJake38 December 05, 2010
when someone is 69ing and they stick their thumb in the girls ass and two fingers in her gine, kinda like a reverse shocker
Jake was 69ing in the back of his Explorer when he decided to make things intersting by giving Allie the Pistol.
by JizzyJake38 December 05, 2010

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