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When someone the opposite sex gives hand releif to an individual after having put there hand in any kind of Ice Cream. (ICHJ) for short.

There is also an Ice Cream Rim Job (ICRJ)
Guy- "omg i could go for a hand job right now but my dick is sun burnt"

Girl- "how about i dip my hand in this ben and jerrys and give you an Ice Cream Hand Job"

#hand job #rim job #blow job #sex #ice cream
by BGeezy29 March 24, 2011
Getting unnecessarilly hammered with no regard for consequences or prior comitments to work or social events yet maintaining a certain level of dignity and functionality in society.
Guy 1- "Dude, Its friday night, i have court in the morning, i dont care, im getting SWISSED UP tonight kid."

Guy 2- " I was Swiss'ed up today while i was performing open heart surgery, i dont think they knew"
#swiss #drunk #handjob #drinking #hammered
by BGeezy29 March 25, 2011
Generaly Used THIRD party reffering to someones level of intoxication in a social setting when that said person may not know how intoxicated they really are. You can also use the phrase in refference to yourself when describing anticts of when you were overly intoxicated.
Dude 1- " That chick right there just shuved a slice of pizza in her pocket, Hammer Time"


You- " I was Hammer Time last night kid, I drank 24 beers then shit on a cop car"

Friend-"Awsome, That is Hammer Time"
#mc #drunk #hammer #drinking #smashed
by BGeezy29 March 25, 2011
A term used to describe a Hockey (inline or Ice) goaltender who can not stop the puck, so they are "swiss" like swiss cheese. To properly use this term you insert "swiss" as there middle name when reffering to them.
Greg "Swiss" marshall
#hockey #roller #goalie #cheese #bad
by BGeezy29 March 24, 2011
When any individual (same or opposite sex) gives a rim job (licking of another individuals anus) to a partner after having eaten Ice Cream. (ICRJ). Its known to be quite shocking and stimulating as well as refreshing.

There is also and Ice Cream Hand Job (ICHJ)
Partner 1- "i ate a ton of wings last night at trivia and my anus is stinging hot, but i still want a rim job"

Partner 2- "How about i eat some ice cream as i do it and give you an Ice Cream Rim Job!?"

Partner 1- " That sounds refreshing"
#hand job #rim job #blow job #sex #ice cream
by BGeezy29 March 24, 2011
The Act of reciving a handjob from the FRONT generally done at a party or a stripclub or dance club.
The girl (or guy) stands in front of you and jacks you off toward them stroking in the opposite direction..Its generally uncomfortable but interesting at the same time.
Guy 1- "i was at the club and this chick walked up while i was dancing pulled my dick out and gave me a swiss handjob, i came all over here dress"

Guy 2- " Fuck you"
#swiss #handjob #blow job #sex #act
by BGeezy29 March 25, 2011
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