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Term used to mock the iPad, Apple's latest over-priced multi-media device.
Steve Jobs invented the iTampon to plug the bleeding in AT&T's 3G network.
by linux_rules January 27, 2010
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Alternative name for Apple's newest product, the iPad. The iPad looks like an iPod touch, but it has a bigger screen and costs a lot more money.
Guy 1 - "Hey, did you get your new iTampon yet?"
Guy 2 - "You mean the iPad? No, it's not coming out until March."
Guy 1 - "Oh well, guess you're going to have to stick to Maxi pads for now"

Over 1 billion applicators downloaded!
by Lord Wickerbottom XVII Jr. January 27, 2010
The sister of the iPad. Makes women able to listen to music while having their period. Also makes them able to swim.
Katie: Mom, I'm having my period. Have you seen my iTampon?
by marieantoinetteinlatin January 29, 2010
Slang and/or insult for iPad.
I gotta go to the store and new my iTampon
by latfhandhisitampon January 27, 2010
the soon-to-be-announced updated version of the iPad
"dude, i heard there's gonna be a better ipad."
"really? i hope its better then that piece of shit."
"yeah its called iTampon."
by Apple Manager April 14, 2010

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