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A person so fixated and enamored with Apple that it consumes his or her soul, with the sole life goal of insulting all Windows (tm) based products
Geez. That photographer is such an iSnob.
by Superace June 23, 2005
Someone who thinks their iPhone is far and away better than any other phone ever conceived.
My coworker is such an iSnob that he constantly has to remind everyone around him how much better his iPhone is compared to their phones.
by iRIGHTi March 09, 2010
A person that pays more attention to their phone than they do to their conversation with you. Making them an isnob for giving you the isnub.
Johnny is an isnob. Whenever I talk to him I get the isnub he never looks up from his phone.
by frasonjitz December 06, 2012
Anyone who feels superior because of their technological advancements. This does not include just Apple products and can be extended to all forms technology i.e. smartphones, laptops, etc.
Stan is a total i-snob, he scoffed at the fact that i still have a flip phone
by LoganDejobeBomaye April 14, 2011
Verb. Wearing headphones even though one is not listening to music, in order to ignore others or eavesdrop on surrounding conversations.
My coworker Frank was so annoying this morning. He wouldn't stop talking to me, so I've been iSnobbing him since lunch.
by Emily and Andrew February 14, 2007
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