I really don't know why so many people are hating on the iPod. I, personally, think it's great. While it's more expensive than some MP3 players that do the same thing, it just appeals to me more than other MP3 players. I think it has great battery life, the videos look really good, and I really like the click wheel. Sure, it's a pretty penny, but I think it's very worth it. I didn't buy it because I wanted to look cool, I bought it because I wanted a reliable MP3 player that looked nice, was easy to use, and was sturdy.

However, the headphones they give you are COMPLETE SHIT. Mine broke after a day and I had to buy new ones. LAME.
"Hey guys I got an iPod!"
"You retard, a Creative Zen is like way cheaper and has the same storage."
"Uh..FUCK YOU because iPods are way better.."
by madcow4668 August 19, 2007
One of the most popular mp3 players in (at least) the USA. Despite all the people here who try to diss it, and I daresay I find it hilarious to read :D

- You can choose the size based on what you have in your computer (I got 8GB, 500+ songs already on it and I can store my whole CD collection)
- VERY portable
- Relatively durable if used properly
- Easy-to-use interface (contrary to popular opinion, if it is an mp3, you can use it. Not that BS about nazi-style monopoly and m4p crap)
- Did I say popular?

To all the pri-... I mean people who complain about being seen with the white earbuds (which are pretty decent on their own), try this:

1. Plug your ears in with buds but do not connect to iPod
2. Arrange it so that the cord runs down the BACK of your shirt. This is a critical step in making the view angle-proof
3. Wear a hoodshirt. Also, if applicable, wear a cap as well over the earbuds.
4. NOW plug into your iPod in your pocket. The hood covers all remaining angles and you can now tune away w/o fearing getting caught :D
iPod nano costs approx. $149 in 8 colors at most shops. The 9th is purchaseable @ Apple
by Sean Skyhawk December 02, 2008
A portable MP3 player made by Apple.What stupid people call all MP3 players.A complete piece of shite. Original versions had a battery that was impossible to remove without reworking the PCB. The damn thing is the worst example of the Marlboro Lights culture in that it comes in minimalist stylings. Do yourselves a favour and get something made by Creative instead.
The iPod is a piece of shite.
by Snake September 11, 2005
An extremely popular high-capacity digital music player approximately the size of a deck of playing cards, first hitting the market in the early 2000's. Often the target of praise by those who have them and ridicule by those who are jealous and/or belligerent fans of other audio companies.
Tool: "Dude, DUDE...ipods suck LOL!!!!! IRIVER 4EVAH!!!ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!11ONE"

Everyone else: "Honestly, go choke already."
by Non-fanboy February 19, 2006
A reliable music/storage device with an annoying ".AAC" song file format. If you hate Apple, you hate IPod. An "MP3" player that actually makes an attempt at enforcing copyright laws. Anyone with half a brain can work around it, but bravo to Apple for the effort.

I've owned an iPod Mini for 2 years and have beat it to all hell and never have had it fail on me. Notice the newest iPod nanos have switched to the "mini" style of design which is by far the MOST reliable.

People take cracks at the status symbol of wearing the notorious white earbuds, but in actuality ANYONE who uses ANY type of generic cheap ($75 or less) earbuds to listen to their music is a douche. PLEASE buy a quality set of earbuds so you can at least begin to appreciate what music was meant to sound like, and as an added bonus you'll add mileage to your ears by being able to hear more at a lower volume. Shure makes a $99 pair of E2C earbuds which deliver substantial sound quality for the price.
Joe Bob wasn't worried about being categorized by his music player of choice, so he made a smart decision and bought an iPod mini. His friends poked fun at him, but after he let them listen to his iPod with his aftermarket earbuds he convinced them the better sound was because of the iPod. The next day all his friends went out and sold their Creative mp3 players on eBay and bought iPods instead.... the poor mindless douche bags were fooled by the lowly iPod owner.
by nathan a. April 17, 2007
A walking advertisement for: MUG THIS FOOL, THEY GOT MONEY.

Any fool dumb enough to buy an ipod and walk around town with their white headphones in their ears, trying to look cool, when they are actually saying: He I got lots of money. Usually private school fags.

A piece of electronic crap also.
Crack Addict 1: Hey check out that kid there, he's got an ipod.

Crack Addict 2: Get him!
by 1337-bix May 07, 2006
-an amazing device that holds every song i may crave at any given moment.
-highly stereotyped as a fashion accesory.
-ipods rock, you don't
"i use my ipod everyday, questions?"
by JAKE!!!! July 30, 2006
For all you people who put shit on iPods because of irreplaceable batteries and hard disks and about the $250 Apple repair fee, browse the fucking nets, you morons. You obviously have a web browser, so use the fucking thing! iPods DO have replaceable batteries, AND Hard drives. My iPod is currently open and on top of my computer right now, i bought a new hard disk for it to up the capacity. The battery is connected by a wire to a socket on the mainboard, much like the battery in a cordless phone. There are plenty of companies around that make replacement parts (ie the HDD is just a 1.8in Toshiba) so quit your bitching about them. It costs about $75 for a new battery and $150 for a new HD! I agree, Apple over-charges for the "replacement scheme" but seriously, if you think that Apple suck so much why follow their advice and not open your iPod? Morons.
Everyone who thinks that iPods are lame because of irreplaceable batteries are fuckwits who probably can't afford them.
by Gerron February 17, 2006
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