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This is also known as the 5G ipod. It is substantially smaller than the 4G, is able to play videos, comes in black and white, has a larger screen, and is still priced the same.
Look at me walking with my video ipod, I hope I don't get my arse kicked.
by Scnhauzer October 14, 2005
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A brand new 5th generation iPod with an amazing battery life of 30 seconds.
Yes! I finally watch 30 seconds of Family Guy on my new video ipod wherever I go!
by freelancer685 January 04, 2006
vid-A-oh I po-D:video ipod
Device used to view videos, listen to music, or used to hunt numerous small, fur-barring animals, such as squirrels.
"OMFG!!! Did you see what my video ipod did to that freakin' squirrel ?!?!?"

"Wow!! Pink Floyd just pwnd that freakin' chipmunk!!"
by J.J.M. February 16, 2008

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