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1) An adjective describing the status of a dropped call victim who was just disconnected from an iPhone user while that user's iPhone displayed full bars and was in a known area of good reception, yet still inexplicably dropped the call. 2) An adjective describing the status of a dropped call victim whose connection is lost under circumstances where 99% of all other phones would have maintained a connection.
During a lengthy conversation Johnny's iPhone suddenly dropped his call to LeeAnne, Johnny called her back stating "Sorry, you got iPhoned."
by TreesThere May 27, 2009
Having a stated fact immediately checked on the internet and proven false, most commonly with the help of an iPhone.
Having someone call bullsh** on something u said and showing proof on their iphone
Greg was showing off his history knowledge by stating that Zachary Taylor was the shortest serving President of the US but Tom whipped out his iphone and found out that Harrison was in fact the shortest serving President.
Greg had just been iphoned by Tom
by knight of darkness February 04, 2010
The process by which someone is ripped off and sold a product for more than its worth.
Joe walks into the office sporting his new iPhone, Bob has the cool new Mogul, realising he got ripped off upon seeing Bob's phone, Joe exclaimed "I got iPhoned"
by MysteryMan221 January 15, 2008
someone who is too cheap to buy an iphone, buys an ipod and inserts the letters "h, n and e'" , thus changing it to iphoned
mitch bought an ipod and wanted to be cooler so added h, n and e to it and became an iphoned
by secs91 October 12, 2009
Getting hit in the nuts with an iphone for pure enjoyment of your friends.
While Sims was talking to Sosh, Dave comes up and says "hey Sims watch this"..... proceeding to catch Sosh off guard by throwing his Iphone at his genitalia. Thus rendering him iPhoned for several minutes.
by Sims27 February 15, 2009
To drop drastically in price
My buddy bought the same TV that I did two months ago, but Best Buys totally iphoned the price by 500 hundred bucks. I should have just waited!
by JD_from_Athens October 18, 2007
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