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2 definitions by Jesterguru

iPhonics (n)

1. When your iPhone or other capable mobile device autocorrects something you wrote into something nonsensical.

2. When this same device fails to autocorrect your typo before you send or submit.
1. You try to type: Beeotch you don't owe dat cunt shit.

Your phone says: Bewitch you don't owe day vinyl ship.

Note: Vinyl? Seriously?

2. An attempt to post about iPhonics to facebook through my iPhone went horribly awry when I mistyped iPhoincs.
by Jesterguru August 04, 2009
45 3
The act of waking up in the morning and inserting one's penis into the anus of a still-sleeping partner.

Jill just kept snoring through the alarm clock so I felt compelled to give her the morning stinger.
by Jesterguru August 14, 2007
61 19