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Almost the emo capital of the world, second only to MySpace
I go to HOT TOPIC every weekend to meet up with my emo friends.

I posted a MySpace bulletin to let eveyone know we're going to HOT TOPIC this weekend.
#hot topic #emo #scene #myspace #rock
by franscene June 17, 2009
"The only reason on the face of the Earth Marilyn Manson had a god damn career. Now he depends on his old shit, 'cause ever since Twiggy left the band he hasn't been able to put out a decent record."

That would have been my definition a couple of years ago. But now that Twiggy's back, it is more than obvious to me that neither of them will ever make great music again. The High End of Low sucks. However, it is a hint better than Manson/Skold's "Eat Me, Drink Me" and the super shitty "The Golden Age of Grotesque".

Long live AS, MA and HW.
Marilyn Manson were an amazing rock band.

Twiggy Ramirez left the band and I thought his absence was the reason the new Manson shit sucked.

Twiggy has returned to the band, only to help Manson make another shitty record.

Marilyn Manson should retire from the public eye.
#twiggy ramirez #marilyn manson #trent reznor #drugs #god
by franscene June 15, 2009
The only thing it seems to lack is a vagina.
If my iPhone had a vagina I'd probably need no girlfriend.
#iphone #mac #vagina #apple #ipod
by franscene June 13, 2009
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