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A piece of hardware that's supposed to have the ability to do everything.
You can use your iPhone to cook food.

If you scroll down a little bit more,you'll find the 'grant immortality' option.
by kosaya July 05, 2008
A phone, an "iPod", and an "internet communications device"!!!! OH MY GOD! THATS LIKE THREE DEVICES IN ONE!!!
Look at my iPhone! It has a browser AND plays music!!!!1
by kyothine May 30, 2009
The only thing it seems to lack is a vagina.
If my iPhone had a vagina I'd probably need no girlfriend.
by franscene June 13, 2009
Probably the most retarded thing a person can buy, seriously, 600$ for an IPOD PHONE. Wow, a basic 100$ phone can play mp3's now, for a bit extra, you can also buy on that has a decent camera, and browse through the internet. This is what all the rich kids want for Christmas. Why waste 600$ on a over rated piece of sh*t phone, when you can buy something better with that money?
IPhone's are overrated.
by Xyoxvietsterx June 04, 2007
A great phone that when you use, doesn't leave smudge marks although people that can't afford one or have something against apple make it out to be a piece of shit.
The internet is not slow for a mobil phone
Like people don't get bored of other phones? you idiots act liek it's special to want a new phone
Its the shit
1. Dude you got the iphone
2 .Yea
1. Yo, why would you waste $400, it's a piece of crap
2. Yea?
1. I would get bored of it in like 3 weeks and its so slow and leaves finger prints and it's a waste of money
2. Yea?
1. No, actually im speaking out of my ass because I just can't afford one because im a bum, and i'm jealous. I...Bleep people on my Nextel..i know its gay
2. Yea. Thought so
by richismyname January 02, 2008
A fairly good phone with a great user interface. The browser is top notch and easy to use, albeit limited by the slow edge connection. Great for settling arguments using wikipedia or passing time watching youtube.
The iphone isn't the greatest thing ever but I like mine.
by anon321 September 11, 2007