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The Sharp pain you get from your index finger to you thumb, from holding and or useing your iphone or ipod to long.
Oh my gosh I've been on Facebook on my iphone for ever, I feel like I'm getting iphoneitis in my right hand
by BlondePinkandFabulous April 21, 2010
A sickness that leaves afflicted unable to function in society as they cannot stop messing with their IPhone.
Yes he got fired for not doing his job but it's not his fault he suffers from iphoneitis.
by Vaez_vaez July 02, 2010
After looking at your iPhone for an extended period of time you become near sighted.
I can't read the words on the tv, I have been playing candy crush for three hours on my iPhone, I have iPhoneitis.
by DonnyKidd June 28, 2014
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