only the most sexiest, awesomest, prettiest, most amazingest, coolest phone out there!!! it does everything and you know it. anyone who doesnt have it and say they hate it are just jealous cuz they dont have one. its great and does whatever, i love mine. most people want it really badly. if you are considering the iPhone...DO IT!! you need this phone, its a winter wonderland or maybe a sunny summer day at the beach!!!!<3
Peter: omg the iphone!
Lily: yup, 3GS!
Jon: wow can i see it?
Lily: No!
Jon: i wont read your messages, dont worry.
Lily: i dont care about that, you might break it and its worth alot so go buy one!
Peter: i love your phone girl take a pic of me.
Lily: in a minute charlie...
Peter: whos charlie???
Jon: what? no i wont, geez dont have to be so mean about it. the iphone is gay anyways. i have my amazing virgin mobil so ha ha!!!
Lily: WOW. have fun with that.
*Lily leaves*
Jon: i want that fricken iphone and i want it NOW!!
Peter: we all do man.
by peterlilyandjon June 02, 2010
A piece of crap that people would spend their 3 years of savings on, but only to discover that a better version of it came out every 3 weeks.
Guy 1: dude have you seen my new iphone its so fricking awesome!

Guy 2: that sh*t is old, man you need to get the new 3GS
by adghaerh April 08, 2010
Well people just make bad reviews about iPhones because they can't afford one. iPhone is a great tool that incompasses google maps, an full internet browser, youtube, a great camera, also can view great photos, a 2-4G video iPod, and also .............. a phone =)
Me: iPhone yo?
you: man those things are gay, why would i shell out
600$ for sumtin like dat?
me: cuz u cant afford it?
you: tru dat, broke like a joke
by swanjon August 04, 2007
fucking piece of shit
1: hey what did you get
2: an iphone
1: you fucking piece of shit
by sukebe October 06, 2007
An phone/ipod that was made by the Apple company. It used to cost $600, but then the price dropped to $400 out of nowhere. It uses EDGE speed. It does everything that any other phone can do like mp3, calender, photos, calculator, text, whatever. You cannot receive picture text or send pics, just email. Kinda sucks in a way. Other than that its pretty cool. Youtube is what makes it unique, as well as the touch screen.
Hey what are you doing with your iphone?

Watching Youtube..
by xocjen November 24, 2007
Brilliant phone that I would be lost without.

The only people that don't like it are the jelous idiots that cant afford them.
Person 1: Is that an iPhone?
2: Yes
1: How much was it?
2: £250
1: Yeah its a piece of crap what a rip off
2: Yes because your 7 year old Nokia is top of the range
1: its better than the iPhone.
2: Wheres the camera?
1: *Goes quiet*
by I am annonymous February 02, 2008
pretty much the power of a laptop crammed into a phone. but critics say it's supposedly better then Ipod.
will be out in America by June '07 and will be in Australia by late 2008
Iphone or Ipod? ...
by sebastoin pequot February 01, 2007

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