a GIANT iPod touch, that is less portable and costs about 3 times as much
Someone, "Can i see your iPod touch"
Someone else, "Its an iPad, you need some glasses, and no, i paid $499 for it,, you can't touch it"
by fadyg6 April 10, 2010
1. A very useless piece of shit, that is exactly like an ipod, but much larger and when used in public makes you look like a total asshole. Usually purchased on accident, and is used as a very large paper weight after about a week after purchase.

2. A feminine hygiene product. Like a tampon.
Person 1 : Dude you bought an iPad?
Person 2 : Yep.
Person 1 : On purpose?

Person 1 : Hey did you get those iPads for me?
Person 2 : Yep.
Person 1 : Thanks, I'll go use one now.
Person 2 : But your a guy...
by MindSpaz May 19, 2010
An entirely useless product for Apple to make a quick cash-in out of drooling iFanboys. It is a bulky, overpriced gadget that serves practically no purpose other than a waste of space and $840.
Steve Jobs: The iPad will revolutionize life as we know it! Not only does it have the advanced technology of the iPod Touch, but it's three times larger!

iFanboy: I think I stained my pants!

The typical College Confidential user: I got 5's on all 31 AP exams I've taken, 800 on every subject test, and a 2400 on my SAT. I'll buy one of these for use in whatever HYPSM school I decide to attend.

Christian Weston Chandler : (sigh) When my monthly tugboat comes in the mail, I'll buy one of these! I have all the Salvation Army clown shirts and microwavable mac and cheese to last a lifetime, so this is a good investment. This will give me an attractive boyfriend-free woman for sure!
by DoubleDare July 02, 2010

Apple's latest and greatest invention... a sanitary pad that also has the capability to serve as a wireless hotspot. It features ultra absorbency as well as WPA2 encryption for ultimate protection.
Example 1:
"With the iPad for once people WILL want to hang around you when you're PMS'ing."
-Women's Product Council of America

Example 2:
Guy #1: "Janet always havin' serious PMS around that time of the month. It sucks yo. She always yellin' at me an' shit."
Guy #2: "Yeah? Well my Leslie does too, but she uses the iPad so while she is yelling at me I just watch YouTube videos on my laptop."
by Beavis Comeavis January 28, 2010
An ipod for fat people
Ms. Jones gave a ipod to skinny Joe, but gave an ipad for Bob because he is obese.
by WorstCaseSenario April 12, 2010
An oversized Ipod Touch and Iphone wanna-be that unremarkably failed. Usefull for lots of things, like swatting flies, being a paperweight, chucking out the window... Impossible to carry around convieniently
John: OMG! You got the Ipad!! Can i feel it?
Bob: Sure
John: Wow! its really light!
Bob: Big Fucking deal. it's not like i can put it in my pocket...

Samantha: Hey! I see you got the Ipad!
Joe: What are you, blind? This ain't no ipad! it's my really big itouch!
by StudyHallHelp May 27, 2010
A general term for something that is expected to be great, but turns out to be a terrible.
'I really thought last night would be an awesome night out, but it was such an iPad'
'We broke up after she told me I was nothing but an iPad'
'The iPad announcement was a huge iPad'
by jc_sed8d March 01, 2010

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