The most expensive but useless rectangle on earth
Me : With an iPad, um..... you can draw a rectangle!
by askdjfkhajsk January 14, 2012
A revolutionary new device from Apple, Inc, filling the niche between a computer and a smartphone. Perfect for surfing pornography during important meetings while still looking like you are on the cutting edge of technology.
Cope: "Is that the new 3G iPad?"
Panik: "it sure is. Go over those synergies again? I have something to view on this thing."
by Mindflayer May 03, 2010
Apple's newest iProduct

The iPad is the worlds most expensive menstrual product. you get one per package that can only be used once for the amazing price of $499

Available at Apple stores and ladies restrooms worldwide
Girl: Fuck Kotex, I got the Apple iPad
by applealex February 01, 2010
A device created by Apple that features all the convenience of watching porn on an iPod touch, with the big screen of a laptop.
Dude 1: "Is that Backdoor Sluts III!?"

Dude 2: "You bet it is!"

Dude 1: "Wow, I sure am glad you spent $500 on that iPad! Now I can clearly watch your mobile porn from the reflection on the French doors!!!"
by Their Pseudonym July 22, 2010
The satin black mask that you strap to your head at night to keep the light out.
"I hate it when light comes in the window and wakes me up each morning!" "Yeah, me too, that's why I always carry my I-Pad..."
by tadpole0763 April 17, 2010
A tablet made by Apple in early 2010. Also something that most of the people who wrote the definitions of iPad on this site like to rage over simply because they can't afford one. There are PLENTY of differences between the iPad and the iPod touch. There are office programs, a ton of apps that are exclusive to the iPad, more processing power, and many, many other things.
The iPad is an amazing tablet made by Apple. If you don't like it, that's fine. Nobody said you had to, if you'd rather use a kindle, go right ahead. Just don't bash something because you don't like it. Seriously, I wager that the majority of the people who wrote the definitions on this site for the iPad haven't even used one before.
by Anonymous2837272 December 25, 2013
An iPod touch for seniors
My grandmother bought an iPad because she couldn't read the screen of an iPod touch
by drumgirl November 24, 2010

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