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A place for trolls who want to make everyone feel bad with bogus accomplishments.

Sample post:
Soph. year
World History 5
Chemistry 5
French Lang 5
Euro History 5 (self-study)

Junior Year
Eng. Lit 5
Biology 5
Span Lang 5
Eng. Lang 5
Music Theory 5 (self-study)
US History 5
Calculus AB 5
Computer Science 5 (self-study)

Senior Year
Physics B

Physics C E&M and Mechanics (self-study)
Env. Sci (self-study)
Calculus BC

Statistics (self-study)
US Gov.

Comp Gov

Latin Virgil (self-study)
Human Geography (self-study)

I only took 5 AP classes senior year, earned a 34 on the ACT, 2290 on the SAT, earned a million awards, have 3,219 community service hours, gave a speech in front of 100,000 people, earned a plaque from my counselor for writing the best application essay he's ever seen, got 780 or better on each of the 16 subject tests I've taken. I have a 4.99 GPA, and I am #2 in my class of 933 (it's a big school and it's competitive) and I'm an internet troll. I have no chance into any college at all! Will colleges care if I didn't take that many AP classes? and that I have bad scores? Tell me! I don't want to be a loser. I have no chance at all!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1111OMG1!!!ROFLZ!!!!1!!!!!!

Proper reply: If you think a 34 on the ACT give you no chance into any school, you might be as smart as Christian Weston Chandler. Even the perfect student doesn't take that many AP tests, let alone earns all fives.
Post 2 on College Confidential
Here's what I will do senior year:
Maintain my 5.00 GPA
Speak at my graduation
Apply to all the Ivy League schools, Stanford (match), MIT (match), Caltech, Northwestern (safety), and Oxford
Get accepted into all of them
Earn $245,000 in scholarships
Become editor-in-chief in every publication at my school
Go to Tuscany for spring break with my gf since preschool
Break 17 or more school athletics records
Become national track and field champion again
Play at Carnegie Hall
Become state tennis champion for the fifth year in a row
Take 7 AP courses in school and self-study five
Get 5's in all of those AP exams
Become the National AP Scholar
Get some plaque for some award that I don't think exists
Write the advice book "If you aren't in the top 2% in your class, have a 2100 on the SAT, and earn several 5's on your AP exams, you will die alone and live a miserable life on the street"
Own an iPad and make $2,000,000 off making apps

Proper reply: How is all this possible?
by DoubleDare July 07, 2010
The worst website on the Internet.

It is full of racist, anti-Semitic, off-putting, homophobic, sexist, and crass articles that are made by fucktards who are hated by their entire school, no make that country. They stoop so low to have male anatomy and pornographic material scattered around the wiki. Anyone who thinks it's funny should have their head checked. It beats YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter as the most useless and most inappropriate website on Earth. To reiterate, It is the worst website ever.
Person 1: Did you hear about Encyclopedia Dramatica?

Person 2: Yeah, my son stumbled across some articles when he was surfing the internet. He was offended that the website thinks it has liberty to use as many homophobic words and epithets against Jewish people. Now he's afraid to use the internet except to check his email!

Person 1: I heard the entire country of Australia blocked the site because it was very offensive to Aborigines.

Person 2: My son wanted to have therapy to get rid of the emotional distress that piece of shit put him in!

Person 1: Why can't our country be as smart as Australia?

Person 2: We let shit like Encyclopedia Dramatica exist on the Internet. No wonder why the world hates us.
by DoubleDare July 09, 2010
An entirely useless product for Apple to make a quick cash-in out of drooling iFanboys. It is a bulky, overpriced gadget that serves practically no purpose other than a waste of space and $840.
Steve Jobs: The iPad will revolutionize life as we know it! Not only does it have the advanced technology of the iPod Touch, but it's three times larger!

iFanboy: I think I stained my pants!

The typical College Confidential user: I got 5's on all 31 AP exams I've taken, 800 on every subject test, and a 2400 on my SAT. I'll buy one of these for use in whatever HYPSM school I decide to attend.

Christian Weston Chandler : (sigh) When my monthly tugboat comes in the mail, I'll buy one of these! I have all the Salvation Army clown shirts and microwavable mac and cheese to last a lifetime, so this is a good investment. This will give me an attractive boyfriend-free woman for sure!
by DoubleDare July 02, 2010

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