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1. A very useless piece of shit, that is exactly like an ipod, but much larger and when used in public makes you look like a total asshole. Usually purchased on accident, and is used as a very large paper weight after about a week after purchase.

2. A feminine hygiene product. Like a tampon.
Person 1 : Dude you bought an iPad?
Person 2 : Yep.
Person 1 : On purpose?

Person 1 : Hey did you get those iPads for me?
Person 2 : Yep.
Person 1 : Thanks, I'll go use one now.
Person 2 : But your a guy...
by MindSpaz May 19, 2010
55 30
A piece of technology from Apple Inc. that's less functional than a laptop and less portable than an iPhone. Lacking any features that aren't already done better by other devices such as the Amazon Kindle, the iPad is considered the best way to waste $499 in 2010!
I would have bought an iPad, but I have an IQ of more than 60 and don't drool over a piece of technology just because Apple says it's good.
by daj198 January 28, 2010
1984 607
An iPod on steroids
The iPad doesn't fit in my pocket. It's too big.

That's what she said.
by icegu January 27, 2010
1129 302
A sanitary pad that contains an embedded MP3 player.
Ann Coulter loved it when her time of the month came around and she could listen to tunes on her iPad.
by Cuntoleezza Rice October 23, 2009
1075 319
n. thin, lightweight device for managing iFlow during iPeriods
So much *data*! Good thing I've got my iPad to keep it from leaking into my iPanties!
by RobertMacNamara January 28, 2010
940 241
An oversized iphone that has no practical use at all.

FAIL apple
"Oh look another apple product! I must buy the iPad! Even though it can only run one application at one time and does not have the full capabilities of a real tablet pc."
by ipad FAIL January 27, 2010
793 335
Apple's revolutionary new sanitary napkin device for females. The iPad senses when it's that time of the month and automatically sends a message to a pre-programmed phone number, letting your man know that he's not getting sex tonight. Sensors tuned in to your brainwaves can accurately forecast your mood up to 12 hours in advance, automatically queueing up The Notebook in your Netflix video on demand while simultaneously ordering chocolate to be delivered to your front door.

Forget tampons. Try the iPad today!
Andre: ...it was seriously the biggest fish I have ever caught dude - hang on I got a text. Oh fuck.

Tim: What's going on today?

Andre: I just got a message from my wife's iPad. It's forecasting her mood as "Nazi bitch".

Tim: Dude, I would not want to be you.

Andre: Yeah, can I spend the night on your couch?
by Kawnliee February 01, 2010
553 118
Apple's giant iPod Touch.

Announced January 27, 2010. Made with intentions to replace laptops but fails by not running Flash, not having USB ports, no multitasking and no cameras.
My iPod Touch was getting old. I'm glad I have a new, bigger one that doesn't fit in my pocket. Thanks, iPad!
by Clifwith1f January 28, 2010
644 219