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2 definitions by daj198

A piece of technology from Apple Inc. that's less functional than a laptop and less portable than an iPhone. Lacking any features that aren't already done better by other devices such as the Amazon Kindle, the iPad is considered the best way to waste $499 in 2010!
I would have bought an iPad, but I have an IQ of more than 60 and don't drool over a piece of technology just because Apple says it's good.
by daj198 January 28, 2010
A question in an exam that has absolutely nothing to do with the syllabus of the course. First used in January 2010 in Britain when an A-level Biology paper had a question about a seal respiring under water for long periods of time.
"That question on dialysis was such a seal question!"
"I know, what was the point in revising?!"
by daj198 January 26, 2010