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the constant desire for technological upgrades, especially for iPhone enhancements.
I am sooo... looking forward to the new iPhone, I have serious iNeeds.

I was going to get X Model handheld device but my iNeeds told me to wait for the upgrade.
by TangibleWords February 07, 2011
Another way to say TWSS, usually used in the context of "You've just been Inee'd ;D" after something that sounded sexual in manner or could be taken that way.
Example 1-
Person 2: You've just been Inee'd ;D

Example 2-
Person 1: A hole other than the mouth? You mean someone's ear?
Person 2: Only YOURS will fit in someone's ear!
Person 3: You've just been Inee'd xD
by Mwahahaha42 November 13, 2010
The desperate desire or need to have an Apple product. e.g an iPhone, iPad or an iBook.
The young man had an iNeed hence he sold his old laptop.
by bimbolabola June 07, 2011
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