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A misspelled form of asian. Commonly misspelled.
Bob: Asains are cool.
Tom: It's asians, not asain.
by Magik November 26, 2004
Something that is exclusively cool. Asain is a word that only the uber cool can relate to/understand.
Most people will simply not understand this word and be utterly dismissive of it, mocking those that are in the know.
Hey Jel, I am loving the "asain" vibe of your party man.
#cool #uber #asain #excluslve #egg
by Jerry Rep May 11, 2009
People who are easily recognizable, usually have slanted eyes with big smiles and last names like boo chin choo. Most asains who could fit in anywhere, such as the hood, with rich snots, the counrty, with the surfers.. etc They are also better than everyone else at everything. They make good artisits, singers scientists, dancers, actors, ninjas, stunt doubles, and even potheads! If you want to be anybody be an asain
Pimp Daddy B: Yooo guy you seen that nigga lin chow?!?! He's ill!

Tweezie: Yeaaah kid he's ightt! Our school needs some more a dem asains
#asains #korean #japanese #chinese #jackie chan #americans #jabawockeez #ninja #kungfu #soccer
by Bubblegum.. January 10, 2012
The smartest people in the world and come to our schools to shove it in our face.
Damn. That asain got a 1400 on his SAT's
#asian #chink #smart people #chineese #japaneese
by paul metshcer March 21, 2007
1. People who tend to like rice way too much. They are ver simple people, with very small penis(es).

2. People from Asia who mostly all look the same.

3. Bad drivers

4. Bad skiiers

5. Worst insult ever.
1. That guy has a chode, is he Asain?

2. (To Asain):I wnt to Asia and i saw you everywhere.

3. That driver has no idea what their doing, they must be Asain.

4. Asains suck at skiing!

5. Your're Asain.
by George Dubya March 13, 2005
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