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Legal tender. Dinero. Cash money.
Yo, I know I got the duckets here somewhere. Bling!
by Dizzle September 24, 2002
595 187
a word that fucking keeps coming up when you hit random on urban dictionary
fucking ducket again..
by evan sykes August 27, 2005
447 226
a one dollar bill. $1.

equivalent to one hundred pennies or twenty nickels or ten dimes or four quarters.
I threw down some duckets for the tip.

I got no duckets tonight.
by opk December 14, 1999
456 250
Derived from Shakesperean English. Slang for money.
1. Where's the duckets?
2. They're my duckets now!
by STF64 June 17, 2005
313 133
Slang for money. Comes from ducat, originally an Italian gold coin which later (about 400 years later) was also made in silver in other European countries.
I don't have the duckets for that ticket.
by loribobori February 25, 2008
159 29
Variation of ducat -- a silver coin, piece of money, or railroad/admission ticket.
I'm outta duckets. Fuck it.
by crocdile June 26, 2005
203 132
(N.)An early 90's synonym used by West Coast rappers, Southern rappers, and filthy thugs to descibe loose money, usually ranging from one to twenty dollar bills.
"Yo, dem my duckets now, homeboy!" - CJ Johnson; Los Santos, San Andreas
by M. Mathers May 14, 2007
178 149