a person who insults a lifestyle then lives it
Katy Perry is a hypocrite. She dissed her boyfriend for acting gay in her song "You Are So Gay", yet, she is acting the same way in "I Kissed A Girl". She'll probably insult me for saying this to her if I ever meet her, but I don't care.
by Karen Stickney July 12, 2008
One who criticizes for doing something then turns around and does the very thing to which he was objecting.
Saying that people need to get the sand out of their vagina for being too strict about following the rules and then being a douche a minute later in order to prove a baseless point.
by Angry Mob April 24, 2005
a very confused person who says not to do one thing, believes it, and then goes and does it, but doesn't realize it. Says they believe the rule, but thinks it doesn't apply to them.
Hypocrites: It's over
Me: Not cool
Hypocrites: You are needy, so I will end it with you, but I will go hook back up with my ex who I say I would rather kill myself than sleep with again...
by Lissarules June 28, 2006
a person who condemns a thing or activity, but then takes part in that thing or activity
Mom: Son, marijuana is bad for you and you shouldn't smoke it.
Son: But mom, you buy, sell, and smoke marijuana. In fact, i steal weed from you! Your a hypocrite!
by marijuanaman420 December 09, 2007
a person who says one thing then does the opposite of that thing, or something other than that thing

a word often used when talking politics, but shouldn't be taken seriously.

EVERYONE is a hypocrite. hypocrisy is inevitable.

speaker A: "Wow, George Bush is a hypocrite!"
speaker B: "Wow, you are too!"
by star234gurl June 26, 2006
Extending privileges to one party and denying the same privileges from another.

Residential and Student Affairs Staff @ IASMH
ME: Can I go to prom?
VB: No, you are banned from campus for one year!
ME: What about Nikki and Bex last year?
VB: Refer to your hand book that you still must abide by even though you don't attend here.
by maxownz April 14, 2005
President George W. Bush
Abortions? No, no, remember that thingy "thou shall not kill"
But war? Hell yeah!

3000 dead and counting Mr. Bush

President Bush: The hypocrites love him

by Oo Sol oO January 04, 2007
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