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-someone who is hollow inside

-where what they claim they represent isn't actually what they believe

-lack personal experience of what their talking about

-however if what their being "hypocritical" about is a belief, they might actually end up believing in it, fake hopes and dreams

-someone who thinks others should be punished for doing something they believe is wrong
teacher is a hypocrite for putting the kid in detention
by LeonLeos September 14, 2009
short for emotional
the opposite of being emo-less

-they were traumitized as a kid
-they cut themselves to feel pain, because they were sheltered all their life
-they blow things out of proportion, to see if anything will happen
-they are too poor to afford nice shiny clothes so they wear cheap black clothes
-they like things they can relate to, its very hard to come by
-like music with "emotion" in it, not shallow music or slow paced helpless music
-the solitude makes them deep
-poser emo's are idiots that need to get shot on sight
-someone who stops being emo has a greater understanding of critical depressing situations, after they stop being emo they either become normal-or very active, or become emo-less, that actually don't care about most people

posers are scene kids, goth kids, punk kids, but if you want to make someone emo you just have to traumitize them and make them feel like shit, so they don't lose it and kill everyone including you then commit suicide, idiots at virginia tech -.o

the younger they are the greater the success rate

methods of causing traumitization are... stuff...
lue]: that emo is a poser! he likes run kid run! what a fucking fag

slywaker]: and he has tattoos, makeup, piercings, 80 dollar clothes.. what the hell is wrong with this fool

lue]: slay him!

(headstrong by trapt would be typical emo music, 80 dollars is a whole lots, goodwill for the win)
by LeonLeos September 05, 2009

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