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A confident, outgoing and sexy woman. Sonyas are warm, humorous and bright. Sonyas always have a twinkle in their eye and know the best dirty jokes. Sonyas love adventure and know how to have a good time.
"Wow, what an interesting woman, she's a real (Sonya)".
by .....;) January 18, 2009
The sexiest girl in the whole wide world, and creator of Sonyanese.
I had phone sex with Sonya a few days ago.
by Kenny Graham May 06, 2005
A beautiful, gorgeous, awesome girl.
She's amazing! She's such a Sonya!
by moocowstash. June 24, 2010
Sonya's are the most beautiful with the most lucious lips and sparkling pretty eyes. You r lucky to have a Sonya like you. You r luckier to have a Sonya date you. Sonyas are where its at but are so rare to find.
You r so lucky. You have a Sonya. I'm jealous!
by SonyaLoverBoy December 28, 2010
Awesome girl whos really into fandoms and very loyal and protective freind.Dont make her angry though because she can hold a grudge.
Person 1 "Hi sahn-yah"
Person 2 "Its SOn-yuh."
Person 1 " Oh like shonya!"
Sonya just glares.
by sparklz009 September 15, 2014
She is the epitome of hotness. A volouptuous and curvy girl with a gentle personality and a distinct laugh. A very loyal friend and true to her word. She is a dreamer and loves to fantasize about traveling, romance and adventures! Sonya has a beautiful soul and brilliant blue eyes.
My eyes look so Sonya today!
by H-Rodd February 06, 2010
Sonya is a bitch. She makes up shit about everyone. She puts down everyone to make herself feel better. She is a controlling bitch that bitches at everyone. She's think is she is queen shit but really she is just an attention seaking whore. She gets every fucking thing given to her because she is a spoiled stupid rotten attention seeking whore!
Sonya is stupid rich bitch
by Fatboy6969333 November 28, 2012
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