Someone who becomes upset with another's behaviour, but will also partake in the exact same behaviour.
Jessica became extremely irate wither her friend Michael for forgetting her birthday, while October 21st came around and did not feel it necessary to mention his birthday. This makes her a hypocrite
by BirthdayBandit November 04, 2010
Brian Van Leuven is a complete hypocrite. I cant have a life but he flirts with everyone that will talk to him.
by MajicShark June 11, 2011
A word created to describe someone in a medical profession.
"I will treat patients to the best of my ability...for a price."

Hippocratic Oath = A "binding contract" taken by hypocrites.
by End July 20, 2006
a person who says one thing and then turns around and does the opposite.
-John Kerry
-the popular kids at my skewl

hypocrites 2 person: dont go to fox woods cuz gamblin is evil!
hypocrite at fox woods: wooohoo baby gimme the money!!!!*pulls on slot machines*

ex 2:
white person: yo wat up my nigga?!
black person: dont u fuckin say that again 2 me bitich!

later on....

black person 2 white person: heyy wat^ my cracker!?
by jennylovesean April 11, 2006
what they all said, except for the presidential definitions, becuase since there are definitions for both bush and kerry, then they would both be hypocrites for calling the other a hypocrite. in short, this isnt a presidential debate forum. shut the fu** up
"hey matt, do you like apple pie?"
"no, its gross"
"really? i love it"
"me too"
A word used for someone who disagrees r argues with what they just said. Also a word my friend uses that gets on my nerves >=.
G. Bush- do you like handjobs?

harold- yes

G. Bush- do you like giving handjobs?

harold- no

G. Bush- then your pretty hypocrite yourself, so shut the fuck up.
by Anton M. May 26, 2008
the man who murdered both his parents... pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan.
they wanted to accuse the boy but couldn't because he was a hypocrite...
by krizmeders June 18, 2009

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