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Someone who gets upset over something but they do/have done the same exact thing.
Tiffany- "why would you have a threesome with my brother?!"

Nicole-"Well actually I didn't sleep with him but thanks for asking first! But I hope you had a good time sleeping with my brother over and over! You are the definition of a hypocrite!"
by Hsiforldb January 06, 2014
A person who says one thing is bad, and then lies when caught doing the thing they themselves complained about.
Republican Sarah Palin said "The truth was revealed there in that report that showed
there was no unlawful or unethical activity on my part." She is a hypocrite
by Sigriest May 29, 2013
The bitch that says she hates gossip then spreads it. The jerk who says he hates when guys pressure girlls then trys and pressure you. The teacher who says telling the truth is better and lies to you. The boss who says cheatings bad and cheats on his wife with a married stafff member. The lies your told by a stupid person.
She just said we should all hate him and now she's kissing him, what a hypocrite.
by Bek's halfway lover July 10, 2011
someone who accuses people of or criticises them of things they do themselves, i know about 12 and want to kick the shit out of them all.
Sir Alex Ferguson: that guy is an arsehole.
Commentator: Pfffft, hypocrite.

Sir Alex Ferguson is an arrogant hypocrite.
by rice_krispies April 06, 2011
A title given to one who has found Jesus.
If you would like an example of a hypocrite, odds are you need only look in the mirror.
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
Most of society. 99.9% of people act as though certain things are "wrong" yet in all reality, they are just as bad as the people they attempt to judge. This is especially true with religious people, who almost always talk about morals and lessons, yet break the laws they claim to live by. Expect them to insult others that break these rules. These people are much worse than how they usually see themselves. In their minds, they are "good". Basically, a hypocrite likes to judge others, but should look in the mirror and see what an asshole he/she really is. It's better to be an honest person rather than a hypocrite!
Person A: This is so stupid! You're so lame, man. Stfu.

Person B: ?

Person A (Later on): I hate people that are jerks.

Person A: Only god can judge people.

Person A (Later on): Dude, you are such an ass, you're going to hell.

Person B: Why don't you shut up, you jerk? You're a hypocrite.
by Mokona Zero May 08, 2013
a fat person talking about sport
fat guy: Gerrard is an awful footballer

normal guy: shut up, you fat hypocrite
by finbarr45 November 11, 2010