A person who complains about something another person does/says when they do/say they same thing.
Example 1:

Teacher: You need to do well in school, obtain a college degree so you can do well in life.

Student: So why was George Bush president when he had a C average?

Teacher: Don't ask me, as the government.

Student: HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!

Example 2:

Doctor: You need to stop smoking. As you should know smoking causes cancer that may lead to death.

Patient: Sure, doctor. I will.


Doctor: *takes out a cigarette and lights it up*

Patient: *just so happens to walk out and see him and points* HYPOCRITE!!!!

Doctor: SHIT! D:
by allergictobullshit May 02, 2010
A person who says not to do one thing and does that thing anyway
person a: Al Gore is such a hypocrite
person b: i know! global warming is such bullshit!
by omnomnomnnomnomnomnomnomnomnom April 19, 2009
A person who claims to be something that he or she is not. A contradictory person. A two-faced person.
Most Christians are hypocrites.
by AYB February 27, 2003
-A person(A) who tells a somebody else(B) not to do something, but the A just does it himself/herself.

Hypocrite: You need to stop being mean to that FNAF character! (Not really a FNAF character)


Random Person: I hate the 3.0 bodies in my opinion.

Hypocrite: Are you an IDIOT? Everyone hates those, dumbo.
by MightyandSonic November 02, 2014
Someone who gets upset over something but they do/have done the same exact thing.
Tiffany- "why would you have a threesome with my brother?!"

Nicole-"Well actually I didn't sleep with him but thanks for asking first! But I hope you had a good time sleeping with my brother over and over! You are the definition of a hypocrite!"
by Hsiforldb January 06, 2014
The bitch that says she hates gossip then spreads it. The jerk who says he hates when guys pressure girlls then trys and pressure you. The teacher who says telling the truth is better and lies to you. The boss who says cheatings bad and cheats on his wife with a married stafff member. The lies your told by a stupid person.
She just said we should all hate him and now she's kissing him, what a hypocrite.
by Bek's halfway lover July 10, 2011
someone who accuses people of or criticises them of things they do themselves, i know about 12 and want to kick the shit out of them all.
Sir Alex Ferguson: that guy is an arsehole.
Commentator: Pfffft, hypocrite.

Sir Alex Ferguson is an arrogant hypocrite.
by rice_krispies April 06, 2011
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