someone who preaches one thing then turns around and finds themselves doing the exact same thing. someone who is insecure and conforms to society's values just to be like the others.
by whitney April 28, 2003
Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg is a classic example of a hypocrite.

I just voted on increasing tuition fees by 300%, but it's still our policy to abolish tuition fees
by umyk1 December 13, 2010
Someone who says they would never do say or feel something and then they do it anyway, sometimes not even knowing it at the time.

Someone who sets rules or guidelines for themselves, but can never live up to it.

Someone who says they hate when other people do something, but they do it anyway.
bob: i hate when people write really long myspace pages!!its a waste of space.

steve: Yeah me too dude. Oh wait, ive seen yours and it IS pretty long..

bob: oh cmon. so what. i mean its not THAT it? ..only 12 paragraphs...

steve: your such a hypocrite.
by Hmmm. ? July 27, 2009
A person who professes beliefs and opinions that he/she/heshe does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives.
I hate Racism, and Black People...
And Hypocrites.
by Themassifbath July 17, 2009
a person who says something that they don't want you to do and then they goand do it their selves
KS:"don't copy it!"
CM:"ok what evers."
KS:"hey rachel,"
KS:"i just copied a page off her site!"
R:"That's wrong!"
CM:"she copied my site after she told me not to copy her's!"
KS:"i don't care!"
CM:"she's a hypocrite!"
by glover101 November 18, 2007
see everyone
everyone is a fuckin
..everyone you know ....everyone I know...etc...etc...
and denying it and saying you hate hypocrits, only makes you a bigger hypocrite.....
by ~LeGiT~ November 29, 2006
Someone who accuses a group of being hypocritical when the group they didn't bash is just as guilty of hypocrisy.
"George Bush likes to appeal to minorities with his speeches, but he and his brother Jeb don't even let the African-American ballots through on election day."
by Rez April 24, 2005
one who does the right things for the wrong reasons; a pretender
Hypocrites, they do good things only to show off.
by missingnumber00 January 03, 2011

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