A hypocrite is someone who is critical of a certain practice when they themselves are engaging in the very same practice.
Anyone who supports illegal immigration in Arizona yet maintains locks on the doors of their homes and businesses to keep people from just walking in and taking anything they may need to make a better life for themselves or their families is a hypocrite.
by Markwonder May 13, 2010
Anyone who contradicts what they say. In Short, many politicians and Kyle M.
Example 1 (THIS IS HONEST TO GOD TRUE): Kyle: OMG, you used a rocket to kill me (in Halo), They are so fucking cheap, only n00bs use them, noob.
-5 minutes later-
Kyle: FUCK YEAH, I just won by getting a killing spree with my rocket launcher, you guys suck horribly, you guys should try being more like me, you know, someone with skills!"
Everyone else: Go to hell you hypocrite named Kyle!

Example 2 (STILL HONEST TO GOD): Kyle: OMG in Halo 3, you can use the Brute Hammer, it's the best weapon ever, it even replaces the sword! AND NOW I HAVE IT! Yeah, you guys should get one too!
-5 minutes later-
Kyle: Oh, Stefan, you have the brute hammer? I have the sword, It's so much fucking better than the hammer. Try getting a sword, you'll like it better.

Can you see where this is going? AND THE WORST PART IS THAT THEY DON'T SHUT UP!!!
by flavoredclover November 05, 2007
An accusation made towards another person by an idiot who is groping around in the dark for justification to their own faults and wrong-doings. Unfortunately, this word is can also be meaningless once you understand that hypocrisy is a hypocritical term.
You hypocrite, you can't tell me smoking weed is bad for me!
by The Real Iggy October 26, 2006
A person who claims to be something that he or she is not. A contradictory person. A two-faced person.
Most Christians are hypocrites.
by AYB February 27, 2003
A Hypocrite is a person who has the following traits:
1 - Readily perceives and condemns faults in others, while failing to perceive and condemn faults of ones own (an example of Double-standard too)

2 - Claims to have higher moral standards or more noble beliefs than actually is the case

3 - Having one thing in mind (beliefs, values, standards, motivations) and saying something else or behaving differently

Priest (while delivering a sermon): “Those who watch blue films will be cursed by God to the darkest corner of Hell, after death.”

Insider: “He is an incorrigible hypocrite! He loves watching Porn on his laptop, late at night. He had also made advances to Nuns on several occasions, and on one occasion molested a Nun.”


Politician: “Many business men are serious tax evaders, they will be brought to book. Sometimes they’re helped by powerful people in the government to hide their illegal activities.”

Citizen: “It is like the pot calling the kettle black. This fellow is a shameless hypocrite! He has money stashed way in Swiss accounts and has used his connections to help his friends and relatives to either evade taxes or even to evade arrests.”
by VickramM May 09, 2015
someone who calls out someone for doing something stupid to them or just something stupid in general. but then they go ahead and do it in the future
V : Why are you all up on my boyfriend for. I thought you were my best friend
K : him and ive been friends for almost 3 years. just because u guys are dating doesn't mean him and I cant be best friends anymore.
V : well you shouldn't be that close with him anymore. what kind of best friend does that to her best friend
*2 years later*
V is hella close with K's BF. she takes pictures on his back and even invites him to her house. she calls him bae even when K and him are still dating. they facetime even more than K and her Bf. basically she acts like they are dating. V basically called K out in front of the whole school just for hanging out with her bf which was her best friend for 3 years. but then 2 years later V is all up on K's bf and the thing is V and K's bf weren't "best friends" until after K and her bf got together (idk if that made sense but yeah) basically V is being a hypocrite
by um..k February 14, 2015
Social Media glutton, who entices and gives with tons of praise or gifts and proclaimed sista/brotha love. This type of person puts down everyone else who is doing what she/he excels at in manipulative ways.
He/she is determined to win anyone over at the cost of alienating others, in order to make he/she look like the innocent one and never admits to being a hypocrite, when the actions are clearly defined.
by MeMyOwn August 14, 2014

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