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one who does the right things for the wrong reasons; a pretender
Hypocrites, they do good things only to show off.
by missingnumber00 January 03, 2011
A hypocrite is someone who is critical of a certain practice when they themselves are engaging in the very same practice.
Anyone who supports illegal immigration in Arizona yet maintains locks on the doors of their homes and businesses to keep people from just walking in and taking anything they may need to make a better life for themselves or their families is a hypocrite.
by Markwonder May 13, 2010
Anyone who contradicts what they say. In Short, many politicians and Kyle M.
Example 1 (THIS IS HONEST TO GOD TRUE): Kyle: OMG, you used a rocket to kill me (in Halo), They are so fucking cheap, only n00bs use them, noob.
-5 minutes later-
Kyle: FUCK YEAH, I just won by getting a killing spree with my rocket launcher, you guys suck horribly, you guys should try being more like me, you know, someone with skills!"
Everyone else: Go to hell you hypocrite named Kyle!

Example 2 (STILL HONEST TO GOD): Kyle: OMG in Halo 3, you can use the Brute Hammer, it's the best weapon ever, it even replaces the sword! AND NOW I HAVE IT! Yeah, you guys should get one too!
-5 minutes later-
Kyle: Oh, Stefan, you have the brute hammer? I have the sword, It's so much fucking better than the hammer. Try getting a sword, you'll like it better.

Can you see where this is going? AND THE WORST PART IS THAT THEY DON'T SHUT UP!!!
by flavoredclover November 05, 2007
A person who claims to be something that he or she is not. A contradictory person. A two-faced person.
Most Christians are hypocrites.
by AYB February 27, 2003
Everyone including myself
"He is such a hypocrite... I mean, who lies to someone?"
by Pizzerk March 14, 2012
A person who complains about something another person does/says when they do/say they same thing.
Example 1:

Teacher: You need to do well in school, obtain a college degree so you can do well in life.

Student: So why was George Bush president when he had a C average?

Teacher: Don't ask me, as the government.

Student: HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!

Example 2:

Doctor: You need to stop smoking. As you should know smoking causes cancer that may lead to death.

Patient: Sure, doctor. I will.


Doctor: *takes out a cigarette and lights it up*

Patient: *just so happens to walk out and see him and points* HYPOCRITE!!!!

Doctor: SHIT! D:
by allergictobullshit May 02, 2010
A person who says not to do one thing and does that thing anyway
person a: Al Gore is such a hypocrite
person b: i know! global warming is such bullshit!
by omnomnomnnomnomnomnomnomnomnom April 19, 2009