A needle
"Hey junkie, you got any used hype on yah?"
by Anonymous March 14, 2003
Hype is anything that a hyper can smash with
Supreme, Undefeated, Old Navy are all hype
by dreddy kruger March 10, 2009
a female, use only for the late night creepin, also another southern (Houston) way of saying a Booty call, also see Hawk's song "you already know"
I cant hang tonight,I'm about to call some HYPE over.
by Damon July 06, 2004
to be hyper or overexxagerate things dat happened
sammy:i luv you
julie: oh my godnnes u do hallaluyah , i luv u 2
sammy: y r u on da hype i was just jokin
by 4evarandom October 18, 2006
Now hype is someone you kick it with lat night, aint yo girl or your man, just someone who keeps you warm, when the one oyu love cant!!!
yo N.I.G.G.A
(man or woman)
by Delisa a*k*a D-luv April 07, 2003
Also know as Halo 3 =) A video game that was very overhyped. A typpical example of little children liking a game no matter it fucking sux.
fag1= U seen Halo 3?
gamer= nah overhyped tbh
by Dipffs November 14, 2007
A Hype Is A "Hypodermic Syringe" Usally Used For Illegal Drug Use When Referred To Using This Name. It Can Also Be Called A Hype, Hipe, Pipe, Pype, Hypo, Or Hipo.
Yo Man Pass Me The Hype So I Can Get Well!
by John Dillinger2 December 04, 2007

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