most excellent weed grown in water not dirt
You I Got This Bag From Money Right It Was The Best Fuckin Hydro I Ever SMoked
by DeVonTheDucer July 28, 2003
short for hydrocodones, or Loritabs. some people pop them, some break up and snort. stimulates the opate receptors of the mind. fairly easy to get. codine is also found in some types of perscription syrups.
Thanks for the hydros, my night at work will be much better now!
by that white kid... March 10, 2006
Hydro is the term for a large, bald, unit of a man with tree trunks for arms, concrete pillars for legs who plays cricket ferociously but isn't much chop with the bat. Someone that loves to drink scotch, engage in bucket bongs and ride a harley.
Tom: "Did you see David at cricket this weekend?"
Shaun: "Yeh, he bowled well. I'd say there was too much scotch, too many buckets and not much room for cricket gear on that Harley. No wonder he's been religated to the seconds. He's such a Hydro."
by Shaun W October 08, 2007
aint the best ive had, but its some straight one hitter quitter type shit. usually got some blue tint to it. smells better than flowers in my opinion. also called dro, hydro, H2blowed. if you throw it at a wall, it should stick there for a second. if it doesnt, kill your dealer.
i dont blow no stanky dro, all i do is pimp hoes and swang on 4s. -chamillion
by b-dub December 17, 2003
Short for hydropump, an attack performed by water-type Pokemon. It usually involves a concentrated stream of water being propelled at the opposing Pokemon.
I quickly dispatched of that Onyx with my Blastoise's hydropump!
by kmgm12 December 04, 2006
When you park next to a fire hydran and you get a ticket.
Man fucking hydro dawgs fucked me up !
by Some nigga February 18, 2003
when your car has hydrolics to make it bounce
yo lets hit the hydros in hte vexs
by PROFYL April 03, 2003
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