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a Honda Civic.
a loud high-pitched, annoying japanese car that tipically has the biggest possible muffler or fart pipe that will fit on the car. They also tend to have a huge ridiculous wing on the rear of the car.
What's that noise, is it a lawn mower?" "Nah bro, it's another rice burner.
by TunerFocus July 22, 2010
a noob on a video game that generally drives the fastest strongest car on the game, talks shit to just about everyone, then leaves the room when they get butt hurt by a Hydros or SI-7. These people usually play 1st person shooters & rave about how great they are.
"Dude, that fat lion just got butt hurt by that SI-7!"
by TunerFocus March 02, 2010
an American FWD compact car manufactured by Ford that eeds to have its engine & drivetrain removed & have a mid-engine V8 placed where the rear seats should be.
Look at that Focus, it really needs a V8
by TunerFocus July 22, 2010
a word used by honda civic fanatics to try to look cool & trendy by having an "i" infront of Honda like a cool & trendy iPod.
it baisically means, you own a Honda & think it's cool & trendy & you're completely full of your self.
person 1)"Yo dawg, iHonda."

person 2)"Yeah, you're an idiot."

person 1)"But iHonda, yo"

person 2)"Exactally."
by TunerFocus July 24, 2010
words used together to describe a powerful car that seams to be untameable.
That Cerbera Speed 12 is a damn power drunk car, you can't even keep it in a strait line when only pushing the pedal half way down.
by TunerFocus October 26, 2010
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