A Marijuanna joint which has been laced with pcp and soaked in Phomeldahyde.
Hydro ...
by alt3456789098765421 August 09, 2008
Bugspray in a bong!
Gimmy some hydro.
by Sean March 22, 2004
Marijuana which has been grown indoors using lights and chemicals. Quite dangerous as the grower usually does not take the two weeks required to "flush" the plant on water alone, thus removing the phosphors and fertilizers out of the plant, so the smoker will quite likely suffer mental problems, possibly even after a short while but will suffer them eventually. see weed, ganja, chronic or bud etc.
I think hydro weed is dangerous shit, i would like to nail irresponsible growers to the wall!.
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003

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