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The act by which ruinous behavior causes one to realise the extent to which their lives are muunted.
"Your life is over, what a mockery"
"Throwing a steak at someone whilst they ride their lucky bike."
by Coldguess April 11, 2006
Mockery, To make fun of, To poke fun at, to skald a no good dirty working class ruffian and put them in there place.
Sir with these custard creams you are making a mockery of my great uncle reginalds memory.

by Belvadere Smithe III OBE.MBE. January 28, 2003
The explanation of anything wrong with the world
Justin "Hilary Clinton lost the vote"
Karen "That's a goddamn mockery"

Lucifer "I lost my pen cap"
Minion "What a mockery"
by aukaenak July 31, 2010
Jackie's word (:
"Michael that's mockery(:"
by duubsack1 September 20, 2009

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