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7 definitions by Beluga

Actually called "The Grove"

What everyone calls the place to be.

Once you stay there, you will never want to leave. Some researchers say, that the grove was originally the Garden of Eden, but that was dismissed when thoughts arose that the Grove is ten times better.

Inhabited by two kick-ass gentlemen.

IF the Grove, Sub Grove, and Bilson's were somehow combined, it would not only be a force to be reckoned with, but not even the likes of the military or Superman could stop the unstoppable kick-ass-ness of it.

Right above the Sub Grove, yet years ahead of it in terms of pure incridibility and total grandness. Truly, awe-inspiring.
Lets all go party at The Grove tonite!

I'm gonna go party then pass out at The Grove cause it's the place to be.

Where is everybody at tonite?...Ohhh, they're probably at the Grove cause it's the place to be!

Wow...and i thought the sub grove was great, but DDAAAAMMNN this place is incredible!
by Beluga April 25, 2004
A place that is, of course, just below The Grove.

Almost on the same level as The Grove, but just a step below in terms of stunning awesomeness. A place you can always come to get drunk and will never close due to lack of alcohol.

Most people, when upon entering the Sub Grove for the first time usually urinate themselves from the sheer breathtaking atmosphere. Truly, the Sub Grove is a spectacle that must be seen with your own eyes to fully comprehend it.

Inhabited by two gentlemen who are also kick-ass.
Damn...i can't decide where to drink tonite: The Grove, Bilsons, or the Sub Grove...lets go to all three!

Ohhh, man...i just pissed myself cause this place is so fuckin incredible.
by Beluga April 08, 2004
to throw chicks wildly in all directions.
Look at that guy...he's over there hurlin all the chicks.
by Beluga April 06, 2004
what assholes use once a women's boyfriend goes to the bathroom. He then proceded to take advantage of that women. TOTALLY WRONG!
ohh crap...here comes a guy tryin to start up the hurlin machine...what a moron.
by beluga April 15, 2004
A person who owns an appartment that's average temperature is 90 year round.

A kick-ass place to party before football games then pass out after football games.
-Damn, Duke of Hurl, turn down the heat and open a window cause its hot as a muther F***er in here.

-lets go to the Duke of Hurl's house and party before the game.
by Beluga April 07, 2004
Something kick-ass people smoke out of to get high as a mutha-f***er!

Owned by Bilson, the highest of the high in all he tries.
-Damn, Beluga is hittin good tonite!

-Shit Bilson, i'm lit and beluga is still hittin good!
by Beluga April 07, 2004
to throw up ten times in one night after chugging Jack Daniels
- I didn't hurl on your couch, its dirt
by Beluga April 07, 2004