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An extremely slutty female. Often chubby. Tries to act cute despite her masculine name. Mostly lesbian but in rare cases straight. May try fuck on you on the dance floor.
Guy: Look, it's Hunter.

Girl: Ew, she's such a slut. I heard that last week she totally licked the shit out of Marisa's vagina.

Guy: Ew (wishing he were there)
by Laurishaa November 09, 2010
A very attractive fellow. He usually falls inlove with people named Taylor. Taylor is a very attractive person, so is he. They go grreat together. (: He's a a pretty darn cool if you ask me.
Hunter: I love you babe.
Taylor: I love you more sweet cheeks.
Hunter: You're so very darn attractive, marry me!
Taylor:NO!, Just kidding yess.! I love you hunny bunches of oats. (:
by Taylor&Brittaneyarebeastt.! January 22, 2010
Some fag who kicks your ass when your team hangs you out to dry in Left 4 Dead
That fucking hunter jumped my ass dude, come help me!
by None-ya94 February 25, 2009
1. (noun) A complete asshole with no care for others feelings or well-being, especially when her name is Emily.

He'll talk behind your back whether he's your "friend" or not. Whether he acts like it or not, he doesn't care about you or anyone else but himself. He acts happy but is always miserable underneath, and he doesn't hide it too well.

Often hangs out with whores and sluts. Acts as if the people he talks to are even remotely decent/ without STDs.

NOTICE: He will claim his life is terrible and worthless. This is an attempt to win you over. His life isn't that bad.

Also, if he commits suicide after realizing how hated he is, it's okay not to care.

Damion: What did Hunter do now?

David: He spread rumors about everyone in the school. AGAIN.

Damion: What a dickbag.

Charlie: I know, right?
by smexygirl69 May 04, 2011
A name for an asian guy. He is a really sweet guy, at times. He'll talk to you for a day & be into you for a day. Then he'll stop talking to you. He'll make you feel special, but he over uses lines. He is a BIG flirt. You can't be mad at Hunter, He's face is just so cute. But he gets annoying. He'll say Hi to you in the hallways sometimes. Whatever you do, don't fall for Hunter's traps. Haha. Get it? Hunter, Traps?
Wow, Hunter is really cute. But he can be a jerk. That flirt,
by Kaylllla October 26, 2010
Hunter 1: Someone who hunts and kills animals for a living.

Hunter 2: Some guy from a shitty novel which is rip off of Harry Potter.

Hunter 3: A class in WoW. Has the ability to capture and train animals and keep them as pets.

Hunter 4: An infected human from the game Left 4 dead. Has the ability to run a great speeds whilst remaining completely silent. Can also jump great distances, up to 200ft, as well as continuosly wall jump and pounce on survivors which is impossible to survive unless it is knocked off.

Hunter 5: An experimental organism that is only encountered once in the game Dead Space.
1. Man: So what you do for a living?
Hunter: I hunt and kill various
animals, which I either than sell
or eat

2. Girl: OMG has you seen this guy called
hunter from this book!
Guy: No.
Girl:OMG well hes so f-
Guy: Shut up, you cant read.

3. Wow, look at that Hunter's Siberian
Tiger O_o

4. Louis: Theres a hunter around here

5. Guy:OH SHI-
by ThePoopingPidgeon April 15, 2009
Pwnage. Able to beat anything in the game of 'World of Warcraft' if played right.
Should not be played if you cannot play it right.

BM Hunter: Pwned, bitch.

Warlock: -Dead-
by Awesomenessicity April 01, 2008