A boy that knows how to get around and knows all the right things to say. He knows exactly how to make a girl feel like she is on top of the world, but he knows also how to crush her and hurt her forever. He is completely unfaithful, and you can never trust him. He is very full of himself and is a complete jerk. He has no problem with hurting and cussing at a girl once he finds one he likes better.
Oh Hunter told you he likes you too? Don't worry, he says that to every girl.
#hunter #jerk #unfaithful #manwhore #hurt
by heartbroken52 November 06, 2012
girl: red head, very unique. multi-talented. aggressive but has a sweet spot for one special friend. falls for many guys. naturally beautiful. she is highly sensitive. usually confident on the outside but a little self-conscious on the inside. protective. guys find her attractive. very clever. PALE.
Ryan: "That girl is beautiful"
Sam: "That's Hunter."
Ryan: "What is she like?"
Sam: "She's my best friend, she's hilarious, and a black belt in Tae Kwan Do!"
Ryan: "She looks fun to kiss!"
#sensitive #ginger #pale #pretty #aggressive
by my name is ellen June 15, 2010
hunter is a really gay person that nobody likes and everybody thinks he is a highly annoying human. not loved by anyone even his mother. bad at every single sport he plays
I think hunter is gay

of course he is
#gay #butt fuck #mangina #unloved #penis
by gets pussy February 06, 2015
A very hot guy, nice abs, tan. But is a very big player! uses girls. REALLY COCKY. irresistable. Adorable. CHEATER.compulsive liar. VERY MEAN...
Girl- " why did you break up with Hailey? She is the most popular and prettiest girl in school and plus she is really nice to everyone and gets straight A's. You just threw away an amazing girl."

Hunter- "nah, i can do better and everyone knows it she is crazy anyway and her mom scares me.."


Hunter- " she just does plus i like Delaney now"

Girl- " WOW"

Hunter- "....."

Hunter- " Hey do you wanna go out?"

Girl- "WTF????!!"

Hunter- " pleassseeee your the most beautiful girl i have ever met the real reason i broke up with Hailey is because i fell in love with the wrong girl."


Hunter- Yes or no??"

Girl-"ok.. yes!"

Hunter- " I love you Rachel"

Girl-" I love you too"
#cocky #hot #mean #liar #adorable #player
by anime bunny November 19, 2010
another word for "retard"
ugh why do you have to be such a hunter??
#hunter #retard #loser #annoying #hunt
by lillylicks August 11, 2006
A lazyass that wont do anythin except play on his fuckin laptop all day
Hunter lets go do somethin - no im watchin this video 4 the 5th time

Hunter ur such a lazyass- no im a lazy butt- dumbass
#stupid #lazy #hunter #fucktard #fuck #tard #dip shit #dip #shit #dumbass #dumb #ass
by hatin hunter July 09, 2010
Noun-A ridiculously easy-to-kill alien from the game Halo that is very difficult to kill if you don't know how to kill it. Hunters "hunt" in pairs, shoot first, and run last.Hint: unlike in hunting season, you actually WANT to hit the bright orange spots...
The first hunter missed, but his partner didn't.
by zugy September 08, 2004
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