A very hot guy, nice abs, tan. But is a very big player! uses girls. REALLY COCKY. irresistable. Adorable. CHEATER.compulsive liar. VERY MEAN...
Girl- " why did you break up with Hailey? She is the most popular and prettiest girl in school and plus she is really nice to everyone and gets straight A's. You just threw away an amazing girl."

Hunter- "nah, i can do better and everyone knows it she is crazy anyway and her mom scares me.."


Hunter- " she just does plus i like Delaney now"

Girl- " WOW"

Hunter- "....."

Hunter- " Hey do you wanna go out?"

Girl- "WTF????!!"

Hunter- " pleassseeee your the most beautiful girl i have ever met the real reason i broke up with Hailey is because i fell in love with the wrong girl."


Hunter- Yes or no??"

Girl-"ok.. yes!"

Hunter- " I love you Rachel"

Girl-" I love you too"
by anime bunny November 19, 2010
Noun-A ridiculously easy-to-kill alien from the game Halo that is very difficult to kill if you don't know how to kill it. Hunters "hunt" in pairs, shoot first, and run last.Hint: unlike in hunting season, you actually WANT to hit the bright orange spots...
The first hunter missed, but his partner didn't.
by zugy September 08, 2004
A lazyass that wont do anythin except play on his fuckin laptop all day
Hunter lets go do somethin - no im watchin this video 4 the 5th time

Hunter ur such a lazyass- no im a lazy butt- dumbass
by hatin hunter July 09, 2010
Someone that loves a class clown. She is a liar. She has lots of friends. She is HILARIOUS!!!! Has droopy down nose!!
That Hunter loves Travis
by Bruce1233556789022467:93 December 28, 2009
1. A scary ass enemy from the Resident Evil series; pounces on their victims and claws them to shreds. Looks like a giant lizard thing.

2. An enemy from Left 4 Dead; also pounces on prey and claws them to shreds, but is (Sort of) human.
1. Jill: Holy shit, a Hun- JERGDTFHXBVHYBG

2. Francis: There's a hunter aro- JERGDTFHXBVHYBG
by Shibbidy Dorginson June 04, 2009
A HUGE slut in the kapaun Mt. Carmel class of 2013. Who doesn't know choade from a penis.
Hunter fucked another guy again.
by Sexyhaypdiey March 21, 2012
a princess, usually brunette, blue eyes, and is a sexy mama. loves to shop. loves drama and music. usually good friends with people named bethany or haley. ur gonna love her.
She's such a Hunter! I love her!
by 28284499030 March 27, 2009

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