hull is a complete shithole depending on where you go there might be a lot of chavs and drugs and you might get a kickin every so often but no place ive ever been to felt like as much of a home
err no example i cant be arsed hull
by junkiespunk May 02, 2009
The body of any type of ship.
\"He has so many barrels of drugs stored in his ship's hull it is not even funny."
by IceWarm June 18, 2004
A small seaside town on the south shore of Massachusetts. It is a penninsula that is about seven miles long and a mile wide. A great community resides in the town and it is a recommended place for raising children. If you care for a view of Boston and splendid summer life on the beaches, then Hull is for you.
Hull is wonderful because once upon a time, it had Paragon Park. From the park, the town still owns the magnificent and beautiful carousel that is a highlight people come to see from a far.
by Kate December 10, 2004
the definition of "hull" in the south,is a verb that has several meanings. It can be a person that is unattractive, a person having sex, or someone who is fixing to get beat down
1. That person is hulled (not very

2. That girl is cool, she better watch
out before she gets hulled (f**ked)

3. That dude/ girl is gonna get hulled
out,if they keep on talking sh*t.
by marcus coyle and Davy-Carroll August 26, 2004
fast car, typically a street rod with a big motor
What you got in that hull?
by bellox September 26, 2005
(noun)- an always worrying person who is angered by the heat, lack of more than 9 hours of sleep (bedtime 8:45 pm), and any type of dissorganization in any forms. Very bitchy. Also chracterized by a stranged hunched walk. Also important tot note is that a Hull has no attention span whatsoever. A conversation can never be held with a Hull. A hull will also wonder very frequently from whomever they are accompanied with, which can be extremely annoying.
When needs are not met this person will go on what is known as a "carl rampage". This can be described as incessant bitching, pacing, and violent lunging and arm windmills.
what the fuck you fucking Hull
by ihatehulls May 27, 2010
n: a hull is the leader of a 'barnacle' or group of 'barnacles'. He/she will be supported and served by his/her barnacles no matter what the circumstance/request made. He is often more proficient than his barnacles or at least projects his superiority in whatever arena they reside in. Most often the hull/barn relationship is found in card game communities (Magic the Gathering) or the MMORPG realm (World of Warcraft.)

This name originates from the tendency for barnacles (a marine organism) to latch on to the undersides of ships (otherwise known as a hull) to provide mobility.
Ex. 1

Bob: Where did you get all of those water essences, Fred?

Fred the Hull: Branden farmed them for me.

Bob: Why??

Fred the Hull: Because I'm the hull.

by teh0memak3r October 18, 2006

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