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An example of excellence. The very best of the best.
Also one who aspires to have paragon status.
What does Paragon mean?? Oh hell, go look it up.
by T May 26, 2003
German Power Metal outfit fronted by Andreas Babuschkin while sporting the fine guitar work of Martin Christian.
Paragon have released another cracking dose of German Power Metal
by AlecJames October 01, 2007
A company that produced radio equipment during the early 1920's.
I saw a Paragon amplifier on eBay for an outrageous amount of money.
by BlastMaster June 06, 2003
a shity ass cable television company that i had when i lived in oregon about 6 years ago. thay blew
"do you have paragon?"
"yea, they blow"
by badassguitarplayer November 30, 2003
A certain cable company.
I'm going to order Paragon cable service. Oh sh*t there's a bear eating my leg!
by Jackarsery July 13, 2003
A new pokemon Released in 2008. This pokemon unlike others, has a strange attraction to other pokemon of the same sex. Paragon also enjoys it in the butt.
Person 1: That guy is flaming gay.
Person 2: Yeah i bet he has a few Paragon pokemon.
by -Tyrael- August 02, 2008
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