it means Hand To Forehead.
it's when someone does something unbelievablely stupid
and it's ment to save time, and move on.
"NO, George W. Bush is doing the BEST he can!"
by xnd51591 February 24, 2006
How the fuck.
HTF do you expect to pull that off?
by Linguica November 07, 2002
Abbreviation for 'How the Fuck'.
What?! HTF did that happen?
by Branislav J. June 13, 2008
HTF can be used if referring to:

1.) How the fuck

2.) Happy Tree Friends

3.) Hard to find (Ebay users)

Or the not commonly used:

4.) Hand to forehead
1 HTF did that happen?!

2 Lmao HTF is really funny but gory.

3 Wow that item is so HTF!

4 Oh my god, why did you even do that...HTF
by DjAshu July 14, 2009
"Ha, that's funny." An alternate of LOL, which is used to distinguish something that is marginally funny from something that is actually worthy of laughing out loud.
DJL: "Why did the elephant eat the candle?"

ASJ: "Why?!"

DJL: "Because he wanted a light snack!"

by Meesh Capisci May 22, 2010
For Ebay users means "hard to find", abbreviation used to save space.
by Zeb Khan August 20, 2008
abbreviation for "hard to find."
this item is rare and htf.
by niik April 30, 2003
Abbreviation for Happy Tree Friends (A cartoon which always brutally kills the cute fuzzy animals involed)
That episode of HTF last night was so gory ;)
by Flippydaslasher October 30, 2007

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