The act of loosing a condom inside a girl.
I was having sex with this chic when all of a sudden i pulled a Houdini.
#sex #lose #vagina #dick #dissapering
by Crackerjack1377 December 23, 2014
To punch someone so hard in the gut that they fucking die.
Harry Houdini claimed that he could withstand any punch. That was until he got houdini'd and his kidney burst open.
#punch #gut #magician #internal bleeding #ultimate vengeance
by ThaRealJDSalinger June 15, 2013
1. In reference to the great escapologist, Harry Houdini, who popularized the disappearing act; Any female who loves you, leaves you, and then wants you back. A Hudini, usually around the age of 18 or 19, will act totally interested in you one minute then disinterested the next. Often times a "Houdini" will initiate conversations (whether it be in person, facebook, or text) and suggest wanting to hanging out, but then disappears on you when you least expect it.

2. A flaky, two-faced, inconsiderate female. She almost always acts unaware of her inconsistency. The men who fall victim to these "Houdinis," are warned to undo the leash tied around their neck and abandon ship before he falls victim subsequent times. Those who are deemed a "Houdini" must be called out on it, preferably in person and without apology.
"Hey bro, so how's that girl you took out the other night?"

"Oh her? She's just a Houdini. I've got better things to do than spend time and energy on one of those."

"If she wasn't such a Houdini, I'd consider taking her up on her invite to the concert."

"I'd hang out with you but you're currently on my Houdini list after that disappearing act of yours! (she'll ask what it means and then you can define it for her)

"-Oooh, the Houdinis of our lives *groaning in frustrating*-"
#hudini #flaky #female #heartbreaker #forgetful #inconsiderate #19 #18 #excuse #hypocrite #liar #cheat #two-face #missing #unreliable #bail #bullshit artist #sociopath #manipulate
by nosmokeandmirrors November 19, 2009
When a girl gives a hand job under covers, usually a blanket or bed sheets, with one or more people (Who are not receiving the hand job) sitting within 1 to 2 ft of her.
I could not tell why my couch was shaking until i looked over and saw that my friend was receiving a Houdini from his girlfriend.
#hand job #shady #dick #boobs #balls
by d3isaacs September 27, 2009
disapperaing finger trick
when we were a t the strip club, the stripper sat on my lap and slide three fingers in her pussy. i just pulled a houdini
#strippers #fingers #houdini #tricks #fun
by jew gotti September 24, 2007
having sex with a drunk girl against a window you make a quick switch with a friend then go outside and wave at her.
Last night me and Joe pulled a houdini on this girl. You should have seen her face.
#sex act #donkey punch #dirty sanchez #cleveland steamer #rusty trombone #houdini
by jewbean April 19, 2015
When a man decides his ugly virgin friend needs some love too, he brings a woman to his apartment and blindfolds her during intercourse. At that point during foreplay you wave your buddy to the room and slowly switch places. Stay close and remember to let her hear your voice near her so she doesn't expect anything fishy..and he then too gets involved in intercourse. After he decides he's done you come back and take over, all without an unsuspecting lady even having any idea of what just happened. Thus you have the Houdini.
Dude we totally got that virgin kid laid last night at that party. We did a houdini on that broad that was grinding on me.
#sex #secret #threesome #hilarious #funny
by Itsjustadudethang March 27, 2015
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