When you and your fiance are having having anal sex in view of a window. What happens is that you pull out quick and smoothly and have a friend quietly pull in to your fiance's vagina. Then what you do is that you go outside to the window where you can see your fiance having sex and you knock on the window and wave. Meanwhile, your partner is about to ejaculate, but before he does, he pulls out and quietly spits on your fiance's back, tricking her into thinking that he has fully came. Then when she turns around to see who the mysterious man that was fucking her, he blows his semen in her eyes, denying her of finding out who was having sex with her. Then when she goes to the bathroom sink, continue to give her anal sex in front of the mirror and when you are finishing, yell "HOUDINI!" and pull back hard on her hair.
Eric: That was the most perfect Houdini ever!
Tom: Yeah, but doesn't make you sad that my fiance is no longer my fiance?
by Retarded Trollbang November 03, 2012
having sex with someone and leaving once they fall asleep with no warning or goodbye
he totally houdini-ed after i fell asleep.
by miss houdini June 24, 2010
When you feel as if you're about to shit and nothing comes out.

Just a pure gas bubble
I had a Houdini in class
by krejci.james@yahoo.com April 22, 2010
When you're having sex with a girl doggy-style in front of a window and she is tied down (this is important) and all of the sudden you tap out with your friend so now he is having sex with her and you show up in front of the window, on the second floor, in a three-piece suit and top hat. She gasps at amazement when you pull two rabbits, also having sex, out of your top-hat. The rabbits turn into confetti then you throw down a smoke bomb and disappear. At the exact same moment your friend runs out the door without her noticing. You high-five your pal in the parking lot and go for milkshakes. Then she wakes up...
Wow, you really pulled off a Houdini tonight boys! - Milkshake maker at your local pop shop
by m.night-shyamalamadingdong March 02, 2015
Pulling a chair put from under someone before they sit down.
Your friend goes to sit down at a table and you pull the chair causing them to fall to the floor and you say, "you just got Houdinied bitch. Now you see it, now you don't. Abracadabra bithc!"
by deeelo February 20, 2015
Most of you guys aren 't getting this one right, a true houdini is when a man is doing doggie style with a woman. The man reaches a point of climax, pulls out and his buddy quickly comes out of hiding and begins to take his place In doggie style with the woman. At this point the original man sneaks around to her face, blows his load onto the poor girls face and yells at her loudly "Houdini!" The act described in other definitions involving spitting on the back of your partner and then jizzing on her face is actually called a Philly Fakeout.
My pal Fitzy hid in the closet and came out at just the right time and we pulled a houdini on her. Needless to say, she was pissed.
by Allan Ford January 18, 2015
The act of loosing a condom inside a girl.
I was having sex with this chic when all of a sudden i pulled a Houdini.
by Crackerjack1377 December 23, 2014

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