A sexual act involving two men and a semi willing female. The first guy begins intercourse with the women from the doggy style position. This most be done with the women facing a window. Meanwhile the other man is hiding in the closet. At the right moment, the two men must perform a switcheroo. As the second man enters the womens' vagina, the other who was previously performing intercourse, must run outside and wave at the women as the other man nuts on her back.
"Bro, lets pull a Houdini on that bitch, she'll be so shocked she might shit herself"
by Flaming Suiside March 13, 2015
To punch someone so hard in the gut that they fucking die.
Harry Houdini claimed that he could withstand any punch. That was until he got houdini'd and his kidney burst open.
by ThaRealJDSalinger June 15, 2013
too be fooled by a woman's looks from afar
damn that chick pulled a houdini on my ass, she was ugly as hell.
by Twins719 March 02, 2009
When a man is close to climax while having sex in the doggy style position he spits on the womans back thus giving her the sensation that he has ejaculated. When she turns around the man gives her an unexpected facial while shouting "Houdini"!
"My girl would never let me give her facial so I had to give her a Houdini"
by sandman6373 August 28, 2007
To disappear from a party, bar, social event or concert without alerting your fellow revelers of the egress of your presence. Stealth, is quite necessary to pull off a Houdini, such that your compatriots don't notice your absence until you're half way home. Which is typically a difficult task to accomplish during such an inebriated state. Such behavior is usually brought on by a strong desire to retire for the evening in one's own bed, brought on by very high consumption of spirits prior to the aforementioned evening's events have come to maturity. As a by-product of such actions, a good Houdini is a magic trick, even a work of art!
Friend 1, "What happened to Brook?"
Friend 2, "I don't know man, he was pretty drunk. I think he pulled a Houdini!"
by Jerome Jr. August 02, 2007
when a guy has a girl in doggy style and is about to cum and pulls his penis out of the condom and puts it in her ass and cums
dude1: yo how was that girl you pick up last night
dude2: great i houdinid that chick
by random wise October 28, 2011
To trade dates or women in genral with another person for a period of time
Guy1: bro im tired of dancing with my date
Guy2: me too
Guy1:Wanna Trade with me
Guy2:Hell ya bro lets pull a houdini !
by John wilkcox May 22, 2011
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