When a man is close to climax while having sex in the doggy style position he spits on the womans back thus giving her the sensation that he has ejaculated. When she turns around the man gives her an unexpected facial while shouting "Houdini"!
"My girl would never let me give her facial so I had to give her a Houdini"
by sandman6373 August 28, 2007
(1)when your banging a bitch in the closet and you switch with your buddy right when your going to cum and cum all over her purse and clothing.
(2)when your beating the coochee out doggy style and you spit on her back and she turns around and you bust a huge load all over her face, try to get in the eyes or mouth.
"Dude I pulled a Houdini"
by pigeon fluck tard beastiality February 23, 2009
1. A famous magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini whose birth name was Ehrich Weiss. He was famous for his illusions and more importantly escapology. His most famous act was escaping the Chinese water torture cell, in which he was suspended upside-down in a glass and steel cabinet which was filled with water.

2. A sexual act where a man who is having sex doggy style pulls out a few moments before he comes, then spits on the woman's back, so she thinks he came. When she turns around he then unleases the real load all over her face. This has most likely never been successfully performed for numerous reasons: First, a woman isn't likely to turn around after you come on her back, she will just tell you to get a paper towel and clean it off. Second, the woman would probably hear you spit and say, "Why the fuck did you spit on me?" Third, most women would not have sex with someone again if they did this, so they wouldn't do it. It's still funny though.
"OMG my eyes, I thought you already came!" - woman

"Yeah bitch, that's the houdini!" - man
by skyline44512 May 15, 2008
As a man reaches climax whilst in the "doggie style" position, the man pulls out and spits on their partner's back, fooling them into thinking that he has ejaculated, however, when their partner turns around, the man lets loose his baby yoghurt in his partner's face.

i did a houdini on your mother last night
by mwmfnjdsnfjknskdnfsdf March 17, 2008
A sexual position/plot where a man fucks a woman from behind facing a window. At this point his friend secretly takes over for him. The man walks outside and looks into the window and waves. The woman will be suprised/shocked to see him outside and wonder who is fucking her instead
When i saw you outside steve i couldn't believe matt was laying the pipe.. that switch-a-roo Houdini was great!
by mclovin323288743843 February 07, 2008
Normally when you take a dump, the logs congregate in the bottom of the bowl, making something of a brown pile (color depends on what you may have eaten in the past day or two). A Houdini occurs when the log comes out in such a tight stream and well aimed trajectory that it disapears directly into the toilet drain.
" I just totally pulled a houdini in the bathroom "
by mr bill bob sven August 15, 2007
the houdini involves sexual intercourse of the anal kind. While you are doing a girl doggy style in the bung hole, you proceed to spit on her back to make her think you are done and when she turns around you jizz in her face.
I was just about the dump this chick so beofre i did, i screwed her in the ass and then did a houdini on her.
by anthony b May 11, 2005

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