Sex act;when a man and a woman are having sex doggy style and the man reaches orgasm,he pulls out and spits on her back.When she rolls over he then blows it in her face.
Do to her unwillingness to participate in oral sex,Jane was introduced to houdini by her boyfriend.
#facial #money shot #cum shot #pearl necklace #mud in your eye
by Jason Budig January 24, 2007
Houdini - (noun) An individual who pulls a disappearing act. (adj.) The act of "disappearing."
Everything seemed to be going great in the relationship, then Michael "pulled a Houdini" - meaning he simply disappeared. He stopped calling, texting, sending emails, visiting, etc.

It is what IMMATURE men and women do when they are no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with someone - very similar to children who "pull a Houdini" and disappear while walking through the department store with their mothers.
#houdini #pull a houdini #love #disappear #dump #break up #michael #immature
by FraggleRockQueen March 08, 2012
In the midst of intercourse, performed from behind, your friend creeps out of the closet and, without your sexual partner's knowledge, takes your place behind him/her. You go out of the house and wave excitedly through the window from the yard. As your partner realizes your debauchery, your friend yells, "Ta-Da!!"
J-Mac: "Kevin, that Houdini that we pulled off was hilarious!! She was so surprised!"

Kevin: "Aww, tits! Too bad my voice cracked when I yelled 'Ta-Da'"
#ta-da #sex #magic #doggie style #houdini #kevin #j-mac #gondolin
by J-Mac2daMax December 06, 2008
To get in or out of a tight spot(s) or situation(s).
-"Man dude I had to Houdini my way into the back seat of your car."
-"Dude the cops were everywhere at that party arresting everyone!! How did you get away!??"
-"Haha I pulled a Houdini"
-"This guy right here is always Houdini'n his way into class late with nobody knowing!"
-"Haha Teacher never knew I was Late!!"
#houdini #to pull a houdini #houdini'n #houdinied #houdiniing #pull'a houdini
by Propetriedish September 06, 2009
Is a woman that possesses the proper fellatio skills that allow her to fully throat your dick all the way down to your nuts, therefore making it completely disappear. Once in a blue moon you may come across a houdini that can even manage to make your balls disappear as well and if so, wife her quickly.
"Man, you remember that red headed girl I left the party with?"

"Yea, you bone her?"

"Na but she is a certified Houdini that's a fucking fact. Sucked my soul out.."

#golden throat #rosemary #whodini #iron lips #queen kirby
by AngeloIppis42 July 02, 2014
Named after the master vanishing man himself, the Houdini is the quickest way out of a sticky situation, and also having to avoid good-byes, which can take forever. Basically, get up and leave...don't say good-bye...don't make eye contact...don't inform anyone you're leaving...just vanish.
Person #1 - Hey where did Steve go??
Person #2 - I just saw him like 20 mins ago...?
Person #1 - I think it's been longer than that...
Person #2 - He performed the Houdini again!!!
#leaving #exit #escaping #vanishing #abrupt departure
by Craeven August 02, 2011
An epic album by the American rock band the Melvins. Released in 1993, it contains memorable tracks such as "Night Goat" and "Honey Bucket".
"My brain nearly exploded while listening to Houdini one night"
#houdini #king buzzo #melvins #hoodini #huodini
by Iamamazon June 26, 2009
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