dope (especially meth) that disappears hella quick like houdini tha magician
i put a fat shard in the pipe i took one small ass hit nd it was thru dats sum houdini shit
by ANI FUCKING ASSASIN October 09, 2008
When you're doing your girl doggy-style and you tell her hold on for a minute. Then your buddy takes over while she still thinks it's you and then you go outside and appear in the window in front of her and wave.
We really fooled her with the Houdini last night!
by Houdini my Weenie March 31, 2008
When a man is having intercourse with a woman; prior to finishing he pulls out and ejaculates a bouquet of flowers. Believed to have been performed by Houdini himself.

Jennifer: Are you finished?
Houdini: Tada!
by Nigger McNiggernigger March 12, 2008
As you are hate fucking a skank from behind as you are getting ready to spray baby batter on her, you pull out and begin jerking off as you spit on her back. When she thinks you are done cumming, she turns around and is surprised when you unleash a fury of love juice into her eyes.
I surprised that dirty whore with a houdini!
by Random Fuckin Hero September 20, 2007
its where ur fuckin a girl i the ass, and right before you nut, u pull it out and tap her on the shoulder.She turns around and you squirt her right in the face.
Me and wendy were fuckin last night and i so gave her a houdini
by Justin and Jacob May 25, 2005
The art of substitution during any sex act.
Did you hear about Frank and Justin? They pulled the ol' Houdini on Judy the other night.
by PKD September 20, 2007
Ok, Check it so your doing this hot bitch from behind and your all like "ooo yeah you like that baby?" and right before you finish you spit on her back and she's all like "Oh yeah. he Finished." And right when she turns around BLAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Money Shot Right To The Face.
Shirley:Oh Yeah He Finished!
David Sapp:BLAAAAAH!!!!
Shirley:Ahhhhhh! My Eyes!!!
David Sapp:Haha I gave you a Houdini! can't wait to tell Eric!
by Fabro May 10, 2006

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