To fuck a girl in the ass, near a window.
A friend of yours hides under the bed nearby.
You tell the girl you're going to pull out for a moment.
You're friend takes your place behind the girl.
You exit the building, and walk around so that you're visible from the window.
you wave to the girl from outside who (if timed correctly) will be reaching orgasm.
Guy: Hey man, i need your help.
Friend: What's up?
Guy: I want to Houdini my girl.
Friend: Yeah, I'll help you!
Guy: I can't wait to see her face!
by Austin Peirce January 01, 2008
Normally when you take a dump, the logs congregate in the bottom of the bowl, making something of a brown pile (color depends on what you may have eaten in the past day or two). A Houdini occurs when the log comes out in such a tight stream and well aimed trajectory that it disapears directly into the toilet drain.
" I just totally pulled a houdini in the bathroom "
by mr bill bob sven August 15, 2007
You're doing your lady doggy style and just before coming you take your dick out to come on her back. You actually spit a large amount of saliva on her back instead. As she turns round to inspect the glory you come into her face. She'll have no idea how you did it.
My girlfriend was so impressed with the houdini she was not annoyed at all with the pearl earings and necklace she was now wearing.
by Norbert Colon September 02, 2005
the houdini involves sexual intercourse of the anal kind. While you are doing a girl doggy style in the bung hole, you proceed to spit on her back to make her think you are done and when she turns around you jizz in her face.
I was just about the dump this chick so beofre i did, i screwed her in the ass and then did a houdini on her.
by anthony b May 11, 2005
dope (especially meth) that disappears hella quick like houdini tha magician
i put a fat shard in the pipe i took one small ass hit nd it was thru dats sum houdini shit
by ANI FUCKING ASSASIN October 09, 2008
When you're doing your girl doggy-style and you tell her hold on for a minute. Then your buddy takes over while she still thinks it's you and then you go outside and appear in the window in front of her and wave.
We really fooled her with the Houdini last night!
by Houdini my Weenie March 31, 2008
When a guy is getting a girl in the ass and he spits on her back so she thinks he is done then when she turns arounds he blows in her face
I tricked that bitch so bad, I got her with the old Houdini!
by Xtrminatr August 22, 2005
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