having sex with someone and leaving once they fall asleep with no warning or goodbye
he totally houdini-ed after i fell asleep.
by miss houdini June 24, 2010
When you feel as if you're about to shit and nothing comes out.

Just a pure gas bubble
I had a Houdini in class
by krejci.james@yahoo.com April 22, 2010
When a girl gives a hand job under covers, usually a blanket or bed sheets, with one or more people (Who are not receiving the hand job) sitting within 1 to 2 ft of her.
I could not tell why my couch was shaking until i looked over and saw that my friend was receiving a Houdini from his girlfriend.
by d3isaacs September 27, 2009
disapperaing finger trick
when we were a t the strip club, the stripper sat on my lap and slide three fingers in her pussy. i just pulled a houdini
by jew gotti September 24, 2007
when a guy has a girl in doggy style and is about to cum and pulls his penis out of the condom and puts it in her ass and cums
dude1: yo how was that girl you pick up last night
dude2: great i houdinid that chick
by random wise October 28, 2011
To trade dates or women in genral with another person for a period of time
Guy1: bro im tired of dancing with my date
Guy2: me too
Guy1:Wanna Trade with me
Guy2:Hell ya bro lets pull a houdini !
by John wilkcox May 22, 2011
Another form of houdini would be when a guy is fingering a girl while she's sitting on his lap. And then he takes his fingers out and in a sneaky way substitutes them for his dick and make it feel like he put his fingers back in. Once he gets his dick in, he put his hands in the air and yells "hey look! NO HANDS!"
Guy 1: hey man, i pulled a houdini on my girlfriend last night.
Guy 2: awesome!

Guy 1: yeah, she had no idea how my dick got in there that quick!
by asecrethuman1298 July 02, 2010

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